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Life in the countryside is quite different from that in the city. First, it is the atmosphere that differentiates the two living environments. In the countryside, the air and water are much fresher and safer, thus living there is totally comfortable & beneficial for our health. In contrast, people who live in big cities suffer from health problems & diseases related to lớn poor air unique and sources of polluted water. Second, prices & costs of living are cheaper in the countryside than in big cities. Vegetables, fruits và meats are home-grown & home-produced. However, in cities, people have to go shopping for them. Third, the interpersional relationships are more harmonious & friendlier. Those who live in the same village, especially neighbours, for example, know each other very well. There is a close-knit cooperation between people in working & many other daily activities. On the contrary, negatively speaking, đô thị people only live and know their own business. They hardly care about who their neighbours are và what they do. Sending a helping hand, as a result, is never seen among city people. In conclusion, although the thành phố life holds many advantages that make life more convenient, I always prefer living in the countryside where the environment is nice, the costs of living is affordable, and the intimate relationships among people are really meaningful. Personally, If I had a choice between a villa in the city & a small house with garden surrounding, the latter would seem better to me.

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I like country life. Because people in the countryside are more friendly than those who live in city.

In the countryside, the enviroment is very fresh & it have many trees. My mind is better: not busy, peaceful.

Many people say that: " the country life is very boring!" but I don"t think so. I think although the countryside doesn"t have many means of the entertainment but we can play traditionnal games.

In the city, people always want to work & work, they want to have much money. So, sometimes they forget many interesting things in their life.

But in the countryside, you can become another one : you are better, happier anh care of everybody. Here, people are a big family, if you are sad, they are sad with you. If you smile, they also smile with you.

Only thing I want lớn say " I love country life forever"Dịch:

Tôi thích cuộc sống thường ngày ở nông thôn. Chính vì người dân ở nông thôn thân mật và gần gũi hơn những người ở thành phố.

Ở nông thôn, môi trường rất sạch sẽ và có không ít cây cối. Điều này tôi suy nghĩ là tốt hơn: không bận rộn và yên ổn bình.

Nhiều bạn nói rằng: "cuộc sống sinh sống nông thôn khôn cùng chán!" mà lại tôi không nghĩ là thế. Tôi nghĩ về rằng tuy vậy nông làng không có nhiều phương tiện vui chơi nhưng cửa hàng chúng tôi có thể chơi các trò nghịch truyền thống.

Trong thành phố, hầu hết người luôn muốn làm việc và có tác dụng việc, họ muốn có tương đối nhiều tiền. Bởi vậy, đôi lúc họ quên đi các điều thú vui trong cuộc sống thường ngày của họ.

Nhưng sinh hoạt nông thôn, bạn có thể trở thành một người: bạn xuất sắc hơn, niềm hạnh phúc hơn cùng được quan tâm bởi toàn bộ mọi người. Ở đây, mọi tín đồ là một mái ấm gia đình lớn, nếu như bạn buồn, họ bi đát với bạn. Nếu bạn mỉm cười, chúng ta cũng mỉm cười cợt với bạn.

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Countryside is the most comfortable place to live for three main reasons. First, living in the countryside, we can see the natural landscape. Mountains, trees, beautiful flowers và birds are what we can see every day in the countryside. Moreover, we can see sunrise & sunset in the early morning và evening. During the sunset, we can sit on the grasses near the pond, & see the reflection between the sun and the water. Second, less-pollution is also the main factor that attracts our feeling khổng lồ live in the countryside. Because there are no large-scale factories, most people in the countryside bởi vì not need to care very much about health concern that comes from chemical substances, the crucial cause of pollution. Furthermore, we can absorb the fresh air into our body; not the polluted substances. Third, by living in the countryside, we are very easy to lớn make communications with people. People have lớn be accompanied by communication, and they would find the easiest way to make it because countryside is built by small communities. Villagers in the countryside spend only a short time lớn get to know their neighbors, so they will never be alone when they encounter any incident. Additionally, the solid communication of people in the countryside is stronger than what we have seen in other places. In short, living in the countryside is even more comfortable than other places that we used lớn live. We should help lớn develop the countryside and keep supporting the concept of living there.