A little while ago i did get a request from a really sweet & lovely lady who lives in Iceland. Her name is Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar and she is a very experienced và talented designer who in her own country has already a standing career with it. She designed books full of patterns & most of them... Lees verder →

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Today i will put up the first schedules for the Terrazzo I"m working on. As it soon will be released as a finished project i think today is a good day to lớn start with revealing the color use for the five terrazzo blocks i designed. You can see them featured in earlier posts on this... Lees verder →


Here"s a little side-walk from the Terrazzo tiles for now...but actually it has anything to bởi with it too....i shall explain a little bit. When i took the request from Tinna to lớn work on her Terrazzo afghan i also took the request to vì chưng something with her Mosaic purses pattern. But i am not the... Lees verder →


Day 5 of the Terrazzo square màu sắc revealing. The final và last square for this week. You can see in the previous posts of this week all other màu sắc choices with subjects as : Geysers, woodlands, the sea và snowy rocks. First of all again a big shout out to Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar which created the... Lees verder →


Already day 4 of the Terrazzo squares màu sắc release. This is the fourth of the five ones i made up & that will make tomorrow the last one. In the mean time i will crochet further on so I can reveal more by time around this modification of the wonderful Terrazzo Afghan pattern by Tinna from... Lees verder →


And here is square number three already ! A totally different today if it comes khổng lồ colors when you look at the Woodlands square from yesterday & the Geyser square from the day before. The pattern of the Terrazzo Afghan from Tinna works out really great in whatever colors you choose i guess, however i think... Lees verder →

And here is day 2 of the Terrazzo afghan squares. As i said yesterday in my first post about the Geyser square i wanted lớn contain a Iceland theme into the màu sắc work of this project. As the pattern is made by Tinna who lives & comes from Iceland it would be a nice link to... Lees verder →

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I did mention a few days ago a new thing is coming up after the release of the "Nomad by Fate wrap" modification. It may be a new modification of a really amazing pattern that is already out, but first things first.... After i did work on a border và the 7 color full bộ of... Lees verder →

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