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BÀI TẬP TỰ LUẬN TIẾNG ANH LỚP 11 UNIT 2PERSONAL EXEPERIENCES CÓ ĐÁP ÁNI.Write a second sentence so that it has similar meaning to lớn the first. Use the word orwords in brackets.1. I started working in this khách sạn six months ago. (worked)I’ve worked in this hotel for six months.2. Sue has been in Italy for the last three weeks. (went)Sue went khổng lồ Italy three weeks ago.3. I met her during my stay in Paris last summer. (while)I met her while I was staying in Paris.4. We haven"t gone khổng lồ the cinema for over a year. (It"s)It’s over a year since we went lớn the cinema.5. Sam played tennis yesterday & it was his first game. (never)Sam had never played tennis before (yesterday).6. How long is it since they went to Nairobi? (When)When did they go lớn Nairobi?7. Mac Kenzie wrote four best-sellers before he was twenty. (By the age)By the age of 20, Mac Kenzie had writen four best-sellers.8. She is still working on her homework. (stopped)She hasn’t stopped working on her homework.9. Could you deliver the goods lớn my house? (delivered)Could I have the goods delivered to lớn my house?10. In the middle of our dinner there was a knock at the door. (when)When we were having/ eating dinner, there was a knock at the door.II.Complete each of these sentences with a suitable preposition.1. She had a quick glance at the newspaper as she gulped down her coffee.
2. She got on the bus and sit down next lớn an old man.3. If you don"t like the scarf, you can take it back lớn the shop.4. She showed her new toy lớn her friends.5. How much did you pay for your new car?6. He pointed to lớn the dog when it ran toward them.7. Are you interested in practicing speaking English?8. You should have more confidence in your own abilities.9. The fire started in the kitchen because she forgot to lớn turn the light off.10. My parents gave me a bicycle on my birthday.III.Write the complete sentences, using the words given.Dear Karen,1. I/ have/ a great time/ here/ England.I’m having a great time here in England.2. My university term/ not start/ until/ the autumn/ so/ I1 take/ opportunity/ improve myEnglishMy university term doesn’t start until the autumn, so I’m taking the opportunity toimprove my English.3. I/ stay/ some English friends/ own/ a farm.I’m staying with some English friends who own a farm.4. On weekdays/ I catch/ a bus/ Torquay/ go/ language classes.On weekdays, I catch a bus into Torquay lớn go to language classes.5. My friends/ say/ my pronunciation/ much better/ when/ I arrive.My friends say my pronunciation is much better than when I arrived.6. At weekends/ I/ help/ the farm. It/ quite/ hard work/ but/ I/ like.At weekends, I help on the farm. It’s quite hard work, but I like it.7. You/ come/ see/ me/ Christmas?Are you coming to lớn see me at Christmas?8. My friends/ want/ meet/ you/ & there/ plenty/ space.
My friends want to lớn meet you & there’s plenty of space.9.

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Let/ me/ know/ as soon/ you/ decide.Let me know as soon as you decide.10. I/ look forward/ hear/ you/ soon.I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.Love, Paul