xin trình làng đến các em63 câu bài xích tập sắp xếp từ giờ đồng hồ Anh 5 gồm đáp ánnhằm giúp những em làm cho quen với dạng bài bố trí từ để chế tác thành câu hoàn chỉnh.Hi vọng đây sẽ là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích trong quá trình học tập của các em. Mời những em cùng tìm hiểu thêm nhé!

Sắp xếp các từ giờ đồng hồ Anh thành câu trả chỉnh

1. In/ spring/ What/ like/ is/ the/ weather/ ?

2. Isn"t/ going/ to/ Hoi An/ Minh/ next/ week/ .

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3. Is/ it/ here/ your/ house/ How far/ from/ to/ ?

4. Straight/ Go/ turn/ and/ ahead/ right/ .

5. The/ swimming pool/ is/ Where/ ?

6. Was/ in/ Nam/ Hanoi/ last month.

7. Weather/ in/ what"s/ the/ autumn/ like/ ?

8. National Park/ They/ going/ the/ to/ are/ tomorrow

9. Name/ your/ what/ is?

10. Am/ Lan/ I

11. Phong/ is/ this?

12. Today/ how/ you/ are?

13. Thank/ are/ you/ fine/ ,/ we

14. Is/ Lan/ Hoa/ and/ am/ this/ I

15. Ann/ am/ hello/ I

16. This/ Mai/ her/ is/ name/ is/ my/ mom

17. Eighteen/ they/ old/ years/ are

18. Not/ he/ is/ today/ fine

19. Friends/ chatted/ with/ yesterday/ I

20. You/ play/ Did/ last/ hide and seek/ Sunday?

21. On TV/ watched/ cartoons/ Mai/ week/ last

22. Had/ We/ and/ drink/ nice food/ at/ last/ party/ Sunday/ Mai"s

23. Did/ What/ do/ in/ yesterday/ they/ the park?

24. Went/ He/ cinema/ last night/ to/ parents/ with/ his

25. Wednesday/ she/ book/ bought/ a/ at/ comic/ the bookshop/ last

26. Last/ festival/ had/ school/ sports/ my/ Friday

27. Hoa/ in/ the sea/ swam/ yesterday

28. I/ Phu Quoc/ holiday/ was/ island/ last/ at

29. Date/ is/ today/ what/ the/ ?

30. August/ is/ It/ 26th

31. Unit 2/ Let"s/ at/ look

32. Am/ I/ student/ a/ Le Hong Phong/ School/ at/ Primary

33. To/ Happy/ you/ birthday gift/ you/ for/ this/ is

34. You/ school/ at/ Are/ now/ ?

35. Lessons/ How/ you/ do/ today/ many/ have/ ?

36. Four/ Vietnamese/ a/ He/ week/ times/ has/ .

37.Do /your /you/ không tính phí /read /books /in /time/?/

38. In / We/ study / past/ & / present / in /events /Vietnam/ and in /the /world/ history .

39. You /it/ have/ this / book /I /when /can /finish/.

40. Study/ I/ a/ twice/ with/ week/ partner/ a/ .

41. English / English magazines / by / reading / learns/ to / read / Tuan/.

42. Parents/ My/ in / live/ small/ in / a / the / village / countryside/ in .

43. Except/ He/ to / goes / and/ Saturday / school / Sunday /.

44. Letter/ a / writing / is / sister / My.

45. The / subjects/ bởi vì / most / What/ you/ like/

46. Always/ His / father / up/ at / gets/ 5. 30 / morning/ every.

47. Your / Where/ work / does / mother ?

48. August / 1st / born / I / 1995 / on/ was.

49. He / want / play / soccer / not / doesn"t.

50. Go / How /do /you /swimming /often?

51. Works /Her /brother /hospital/ the/ in.

52. Yesterday /Peter /stayed /home /at.

53. Table /His /sport /favourite /tennis /is.

54. Tuy vậy /They /the /Festival /at /were.

55. Bởi vì / you /What /be/ want /in /future /the /to ?

56. Was/ your / When / son /born?

57. Today / What /date /is / the ?

58. Uncle /works/ farm/ on /My/ the.

59. Did / they / What / yesterday / vị ?

60. Watching / We /TV /now /are .

61. Dancer /Lan /to /wants /a /be.

62. Often /drinks/ Hoa"s / tea /father /dinner /after.

63. Sister / Nga"s / a / Is / singer /?

1. What is the weather like in spring?

2. Minh isn"t going khổng lồ Hoi An next week.

3. How far is it from here to lớn your houe?

4. Go straight ahead và turn right.

5. Where is the swimming pool?

6. Nam giới was in Hanoi last month.

7. What"s the weather lượt thích in Autumn?

8. They are going to the National Park tomorrow.

9. What is your name?

10. I am Lan.

11. Is this Phong?

12. How are you today?

13. We are fine, thank you.

14. I am Lan and this is Hoa.

15. Hello, I am Ann.

16. This is my mom, her name is Mai.

17. They are eighteen years old.

18. He is not fine today.

19. I chatted with my friends yesterday.

20. Did you play hide và seek last Sunday?

21. Mai watched cartoons on TV last week.

22. We had nice food and drink at Mai"s buổi tiệc ngọt last Sunday.

23. What did they bởi vì in the part yesterday?

24. He went to cinema with his parents last night.

25. She bought a comic at the bookshop last Wednesday.

26. My school had Sports Festival last Friday.

27. Hoa swam in the sea yesterday.

28. I was at Phu Quoc island last holiday.

29. What is the date today?

30. It is 26th August.

31. Let"s look at Unit 2.

32. I am a student at Le Hong Phong primary school.

33. Happy birthday khổng lồ you. This gift is for you.

34. Are you at school now?

35. How many lessons do you have today?

36. He has Vietnamese four times a week.

37. Bởi you read books in your free time?

38. We study the events in the past & present in Vietnam và in the world in history.

39. You can have this book when you finish it.

40. I study twice a week with my partner.

41. Tuan learn English by reading English magazines.

42. My parents live in a small village in the countryside.

43. He goes lớn school except Saturday and Sunday.

44. My sister is writing a letter.

45. What subject vì chưng you like the most?

46. His father always gets up at 5.30 every morning.

47. Where does your mother work?

48. I was born on 1st, August 1995.

49. He doesn"t want to lớn play soccer.

50. How often vì chưng you go swimming?

51. Her brother works in the hospital.

52. Peter stayed at home yesterday.

53. His favorite thể thao is table tennis.

54. They were at the tuy nhiên festival.

55. What vày you want to be in the future?

56. When was your son born?

57. What is the date today?

58. My uncle works on the farm.

59. What did they vì yesterday?

60. We are watching TV now.

61. Lan wants to lớn be a dancer.

62. Hoa"s father often drinks tea after dinner.

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63. Is Nga"s sister a singer?


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