A Mail Merge Sends A Standard Letter lớn A danh mục Of Recipients

Prepare your menu of recipients in Microsoft Excel.

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Create your letter và merge in Microsoft Word.

Mail Merge Overview

To perform a mail merge you need a letter that will be sent out lớn different recipients & you need a các mục of those recipients. The danh mục of recipients is created in Excel, whilst the letter và merge are created in Word. Mail merges are a real time saver if you plan to send out a series of letters lớn the same people, as you only need khổng lồ prepare the recipient danh sách once. It saves you having to lớn type out each letter with each person"s details each time, as the mail merge inserts that person"s details in places that you indicate. Excel is just one program that you can use lớn handle your recipients; you can also use Microsoft Access.

Create The Recipient menu In Excel

Create a menu in Excel of people who are lớn receive your letter. Make sure that no rows are missing, so that the data is continuous. Here is a sample of a worksheet you could use to lớn hold those personal details.


As far as the mail merge goes, Excel"s work is done. We must now create a letter in Microsoft Word & merge it with the Excel spreadsheet.

Create The Maile Merge Letter In Word

The next step is lớn tell Word who should receive our letter. We"re going to use the Mail Merge Wizard in Word to vì chưng this, so click Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Start Mail Merge > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard. Ensure that Letters is selected on teh right & click Next: Starting document. Leave Use the current document selected (we will create the letter in this document later) and then click Next: Select recipients. Select Use an existing list is selected and click browse. Navigate lớn where the recipient Excel spreadsheet is, select it and then in the Select Table dialogue box select the worksheet that contains the address details.


If you used column headings in the Excel spreadsheet, ensure that the First row of data contains column headings is selected, otherwise deselect it. Click OK. The Mail Merge Recipients dialogue box is then presented.


If there are any addresses you don"t want to lớn mail, then deselect them in the Mail Merge Recipients dialogue box. Clicdk OK và then click Next: Write your letter to lớn start composing the letter you will mail out. Write the letter, leaving gaps where you will later insert personal information. For example, you would leave a gap after "Dear" at the start of the letter. Once the letter is finished, position the cursor in one of the gaps left for recipient information và click More Items on the right. Ensure that Database Fields is selected and select the piece of information you need from the list.


On clicking Insert, that piece of personal data is inserted into the document where the cursor is positioned. When you have added all the personal information, click Next: Preview your letters. Here is your chance to review the letter you have just created, complete with sample personal information from the first recipient. If you need to make any adjustments to lớn the letter, click Previous: Write your letter, & if not click Next: Complete the merge.

Now it"s time to print the merged letters, so click Print. When the Merge to Printer dialogue box is presented, you can choose which recipients khổng lồ print.

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In this dialogue box you can select all recipients, only the current recipient or you can select a range of recipients.