I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.


Bạn đang xem: Huyen anh is introducing đáp án

A. Achievement

B. Appearance

C. enthusiastic

D. Initiative


A. Confidence

B. Achievement

C. engage

II. Choose the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress.


A. Commercial

B. Constructive

C. Essential

D. National


A. Copy

B. Remove

C. Notice

D. Cancel


A. Curriculum

B. Economics

C. Hesitation

D. Calculation


A. Interact

B. Specify

C. Illustrate

D. Fertilize


A. Territorial

B. Economic

C. Considerate

D. Continental


A. Realistic

B. Oceanic

C. Economy

D. Biology


A. Prediction

B. Rehearsal

C. Essential

D. Industry


A. Maximum

B. Vacancy

C. Terrorist

D. Investment


A. Vertical

B. Contractual

C. Domestic

D. Outstanding


A. Emergency

B. Alternative

C. Expensively

D. Geothermal


I. Match the word/ phrase with its definition.

1. Thắm thiết relationship CA. To lớn listen to lớn someone with patience & sympathy
2. Lend an ear AB. Kind to lớn people who are hurt or sad, showing that you understand and care about their problems
3. Sympathetic BC. A relationship based on love and emotional attraction
4. Argument FD. To end a relationship, a company, etc.
5. Break up (with someone) DE. Become friends again after conflicts or arguments
6. Be reconciled (with someone) EF. A conversation or discussion in which people disagree, often angrily

II. Fill in each blank with the correct size of the word in the bracket.

My teacher is very caring and _______SYMPATHETIC_______. (SYMPHATHY)She had an argument with one of her close friend, but she’s managed to be ______RECONCILED______ with her. (RECONCILIATION)When you have a lãng mạn relationship, you’re having a relationship based on love và _ EMOTIONAL_ attraction. (EMOTION)I thought my friend _____ BETRAYED______ my trust when she told others my secret. (BETRAY)My parents always worry that I am in a ____ RELATIONSHIP___ with Nam, my close friend. (RELATION)My best friend & I had an _____ARGUMENT_____ because she had revealed my secret. (ARGUE)My parents and teachers are always telling me that I have khổng lồ _____CONCENTRATE______ on my study. (CONCENTRATION)

III. Choose the right words khổng lồ describe the pictures.

break up (with someone) be in a relationship lend an ear

concentrate on argument single-sex school

1. ____ lend an ear _____


2. ___ break up (with someone)___

3. _____ be in a relationship ____


4. _____ argument ______

5. ____ single-sex school ____

6. ______ concentrate on _______

IV. Choose & fill in the blanks with correct words.

potential tension reactions oppose

a lãng mạn relationship permission on good terms psychologist

In my class, the girls are _______ on good terms _______ with all the boys except me.We need khổng lồ get our parents’ _____ permission ____ to take part in the English Speaking Contest in Hanoi next month.They will select ______ potential ______ matches and help the two people meet face khổng lồ face.He was not willing to lớn talk to lớn a ______ psychologist _____.Does the counselor agree with Ha’s _____ reactions ____?The ______ tension _____ between Minh and his parents is because they always judge his friends by their appearances.My grandmother thinks friendship between a boy & a girl will turn into ___ a romantic relationship ___.Should parents strongly ______ oppose _______ their children’s thắm thiết relationships?

V. Put the given words into the right column.

become seem remain taste јumр

sound dance feel run laugh

grow climb are smell

Action VerbsLinking verbsBoth
jumр, dance, run, climb, laughbecome, seem, aretaste, smell, feel, sound, remain, grow

VI. Complete the sentences using the given words.

become appears sounds grow

felt seemed looks getting

She ______ looks ______ so beautiful in that white dress.A: What about going lớn the Italian restaurant?

B: That _____ sounds ______ great!

She wants to lớn ____ become ___ a fashion designer lượt thích Victoria Beckham in the future.I ______ felt ________ painful in my stomach after eating that cake.It ____ seemed _____ interesting that he didn’t like anything except that bowlTeenagers lượt thích to make their own choice when they _______ grow ______ older.Turn on the fan. It is ____ getting ____ hotter và hotter.That Super Junior ______ appears _____ suddenly at the end of concert makes its fans overjoyed.

VII. Decide whether the bold part in each of the following sentences is an “action verb” or a “linking verb”.

1. July is smelling the flowers her boyfriend has given khổng lồ her.

A. Kích hoạt verb

B. Linking verb

2. My mother appeared exhausted after a hard day working on the paddy field.

A. Kích hoạt verb

B. Linking verb

3. Jane looks more beautiful when tying her hair.

A. Kích hoạt verb

B. Linking verb

4. Maria’s grandmother used to lớn look after her carefully when she was small.

A. Action verb

B. Linking verb

5. He wants to become an inspiring teacher after graduating from his university.

A. Kích hoạt verb

B. Linking verb

6. The worldwide economic situation is getting worse and worse.

A. Action verb

B. Linking verb

7. If you want khổng lồ stay healthy, you should follow the doctor’s advice.

A. Kích hoạt verb

B. Linking verb

8. She is going lớn stay at a friend’s house in Ha Long cất cánh for 3days.

A. Action verb

B. Linking verb

9. When my daughter grows older, she will understand what I bởi vì for her.

A. Kích hoạt verb

B. Linking verb

10. My aunt tasted this soup carefully.

A. Kích hoạt verb

B. Linking verb

VIII. Choose the suitable word to lớn complete each sentence.

What’s the matter with you? You look happy/happily today.He appears very excited/excitedly when looking at her.I taste the soup very careful/carefully. Don’t worry!John appeared sudden/suddenly behind us & said hello khổng lồ us.He is shouting at his friend. He seems very angry/angrily.A: Why vì chưng you smell the milk?

B: Because it smells terrible/terribly. You should throw it away.

This plan grows quickly/quick if it absorbs enough water.He kept talking và his friends seemed annoyedly/annoyed.The doctor checked my legs carefully/careful to lớn see if there were any injuries.She is looking for the colored pens serious/seriously because she needs them now.

IX. Choose the best answer to lớn complete the sentences.

1. Can you help me? I (look) ____ for my pen now.

A. Look

B. Am looking

C. Looked

2. The sky (grow) ____ brighter after the heavy rain.

A. Is growing

B. Grows

C. Grow

3. At present, I (remain) ____ calm.

A. Remain

B. Remained

C. Is remaining

4. Lớn decide the winner of the competition, the examiners (taste) ____ candidates’ dishes now.

A. Taste

B. Tasted

C. Are tasting

5. What’s the matter with Mary? She (seem) ____ upset.

A. Seem

B. Seems

C. Is seeming

6. Listen! Her story (sound) ____ interesting.

A. sounds

B. Is sounding

C. Sound

7. She (stay) ____ at one of her penpal friends’ houses when she visits Vietnam.

A. Is staying

B. Stays

C. Stayed

8. The room (get) ____ quiet when teachers entered.

A. Gets

B. got

C. Is getting

9. The situation (remain) ____ unchanged in the past đôi mươi years.

A. Remains

B. Remained

C. Has remained

10. John (be) ____ impolite today.

A. Is

B. Was

C. Is being

X. Find EIGHT mistakes in the use of linking verbs in this text.

(1) Maria & I stayed ready for the party on Sunday morning. (2) Suddenly, Maria smelt extremely tired and her face stayed pale. (3) I sounded so scared that I did not know what to bởi but took her khổng lồ the nearby clinic. (4) The doctor said that her health condition was remaining worse và worse và asked me what she had eaten the night before. (5) Maria ate the soup I bought at the restaurant but both of us had no idea that in that soup, there was a lot of shrimp powder to which she became allergically. (6) After one-hour treatment, her health condition gets stable. (7) Now I taste relieved as she looks like better.

1. Got/were

2. Turned/grew/became

3. Was/felt

4. Getting/becoming

5. Allergic

6. Got

7. Feel

8. Quăng quật “like”

XI. Match parts of the sentences to lớn make correct ones.

1. It is her sad story AA. That makes me cry.
2. It was Peter CB. That she had a date with Jim.
3. It was in the Italian restaurant BC. Who she broke up with.
4. It was speaking skill ED. That attracts me a lot.
5. It is her small dog DE. That she found the most difficult in learning English.
6. It is at 8 o’clock FF. That there is weather news.

XII. Complete the following sentences using the given phrases.

the man on the schoolyard on weekends

the lovely cat on the way to school after I left my house

my close friends the strong storm my mom the letter

It was _____ the lovely cát ______ that my younger sister wanted to buy.It was ___ after I left my house ____ that I realized that family had played an integral role in my life.It was ______ the man _______ who was arrested by the police two days agoIt is _____ on the way to school _____ that I meet my English teacher.It is ______ on the schoolyard _____ that we play football very happily.It was _____ the strong storm ______ that blew out some roofs of houses in the village.It was _____ the letter ______ that I received from my mother last week.It is _____ on weekends ______ that we often have picnics.It is ______ my close friends _____ who always stand by me when I get into some trouble.It is ______ my mom ______ who takes responsibility for cooking in my family.

XIII. Choose the underlined part that is incorrect in the following sentences.

1. That was Jim who went lớn hospital last month.

A. That

B. Was

C. Who

D. Went

2. It was in Paris that I first meet my wife.

A. In

B. Paris

C. That

D. Meet

3. It is in 2010 that my life turned over a new leaf.

A. Is

B. That

C. Turned

D. Leaf

4. It was on New Year’s Eve who Mary broke up with her boyfriend.

A. Was

B. On

C. Who

D. Broke up with

5. It was her brother who dropped out of his university & setted up his business.

A. Was

B. Who

C. Dropped

D. Setted up

XIV. Choose the correct sentence that is written using the underlined part and cleft sentence with “It”.

1. He spent his summer vacation in domain authority Lat.

A. It is in domain authority Lat that he spent his summer vacation.

B. It was in da Lat that he spent his summer vacation.

C. It is in domain authority Lat that he spends his summer vacation.

D. It was in domain authority Lat where he spends his summer vacation.

2. Candidates all over the world took part in the competition with great enthusiasm.

A. It is great enthusiasm that candidates all over the world took part in the competition.

B. It was great enthusiasm that candidates all over the world took part in the competition.

C. It was with great enthusiasm that candidates all over the world took part in the competition.

D. It is with great enthusiasm which candidates all over the world take part the competition.

3. He gains impressive achievements at the age of 20.

A. It is at the age of trăng tròn that he gains impressive achievements.

B. It was at the age of 20 that he gains impressive achievements.

C. It is at the age of 20 that he gained impressive achievements.

D. It was at the age of 20 that he gained impressive achievements.

4. Mary made a great contribution to her husband’s success.

A. It is Mary who made a great contribution khổng lồ her husband’s success.

B. It was Mary who makes a great contribution lớn her husband’s success.

C. It was Mary who made a great contribution for her husband’s success.

D. It was Mary who made a great contribution khổng lồ her husband’s success.

5. Most parents are willing khổng lồ lend their ear lớn their children.

A. They are their children that most parents are willing khổng lồ lend their ear to.

B. It is their children that most parents are willing to lend their ear to.

C. They are their children that most parents are willing to lend their ear.

D. It is their children that most parents are willing to lend their ear.


I. Reading comprehension on Online Dating và decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

It has long been seen as a less thắm thiết way of meeting Mr Right. But finding love over the internet is a good way of meeting a marriage partner, research has showed. It found that one in five of those who have used dating sites to find their perfect partner have gone on to marry someone they met over the web.

The study, by consumer group Which?, also revealed that more than half of the 1,504 people questioned had been on a date with someone they met in cyberspace. Sixty-two per cent agreed that it was easier to meet someone on a dating site than in other ways, such as in a pub or club, or through friends. At the same time, the under 35s were more likely khổng lồ know someone who had been on a date or had a long-term relationship with someone they met through online dating.

Jess Ross, editor of which.co.uk, said: ‘Online dating is revolutionising the way people meet each other. Switching the computer on could be the first step to lớn success!

According lớn industry surveys, more than 22 million people visited dating websites in 2007, and more than two million Britons are signed up lớn singles sites.

Of the 147 couples who took part in the study, 61 per cent said their relationships had high levels of these three components. The researchers also found that men were more likely to lớn find true love on the internet than women.

Dr Jeff Gavin, who led the team, said: “To date, there has been no systematic study of love in the context of relationships formed via online dating sites. “But with the popularity of online dating, it is imperative we understand the factors that influence satisfaction in relationships formed in this way.”

Charlotte Harper, of Match.com, said: ‘We were thrilled to find so many of our former members have found love. ‘It supports our belief that the internet does in fact encourage old-fashioned courtship.

1. Online dating is seen as modern romance.
2. Research has shown that online dating is not a good way of meeting people.
3. Most people who took part in the survey said it is easier to lớn meet people online than elsewhere.
4. Jess Ross thinks online dating is changing the way people meet each other.
5. Less than trăng tròn million people visited dating websites in 2007.
6. Women are more likely to find their ideal partner online than men.
7. Many members of match.com have found love.

II. Read the passage & complete the task that follow.

In our modern life, we can watch television or surf the mạng internet to find out about what is happening around the world but our neighborhood can be a place we never really know. A survey has been conducted lớn find out some people’s thought of talking with their neighbors. Here came the results:


We had been living here for five years and had never really got lớn know our neighbors. Then a tremendous hurricane came & crashed our house. Our neighbors came round khổng lồ offer us food & help. When finally recovering, we still lived in the same neighborhood and never spoke to lớn our neighbors. I don’t know why.


My neighbor went to lớn work on the same route with me. I passed over her every morning when walking to lớn work but never said hello. One morning I said “hello”, then a “good morning” and a friendly smile were exchanged between us for the next week. But then, she changed her way to lớn work. I feel that some neighbors may prefer being left undisturbed.


I think it’s very nice to come up và talk with your neighbors. Take me as an example. I commute lớn work every day by bus. One day, I saw Harry on the station platform. We exchanged nods & smiles and eventually he came up lớn me và said hello. He told me that he had been my new neighbor for three weeks but I didn’t even know. We started chatting since then và got to lớn know each other better. Then, guess what? We are now engaged & are getting married next year.

Write the letter A, B or C that indicates the person next to their description/ opinion below.

______A_______ suffered from a natural disaster.______C________ is in a relationship with one of her neighbors._____B________ thinks that some people may find talking with neighbors annoying_____B_______ once went khổng lồ work on the same route with her neighbor._____C_______ thinks positively about talking with neighbors._____B_______ walks khổng lồ work._____A______ got help from the neighbors.______C______ uses public transportation to lớn work.

III. Read the passage và complete the tasks that follow.

Huyen Anh is introducing herself và her closest friends.

Many people consider me sociable because I am keen on taking part in community activities. I find it easy to start a conversation & get on well with different kinds of people, so I have numerous friends. Among them, Tram Anh, Minh and Bich are my closest ones.

Tram Anh is the tallest girl in my group. She looks beautiful with a straight nose, long đen hair, fair skin & dimples. She is interested in helping the poor và the disabled. She volunteers khổng lồ teach English at the local orphanage every Sunday. She also spends a lot of time helping other classmates to lớn improve their English. She is so gentle and generous that her teachers và friends adore her. Besides, she is a diligent student who always gets good marks.

Similar to Tram Anh, Minh is very outgoing & warm-hearted. He enjoys participating in social activities, such as blood donation & environmental protection campaigns. He is quite talkative và humorous, so he is sometimes regarded as a class clown who always makes others laugh by telling jokes and pretending to vị silly things. His jokes, however, sometimes annoy his friends. He also receives many compliments from teachers for being so intelligent and hard-working. He is not only our class’s star soccer player but also a talented amateur singer.

Unlike Tram Anh and Minh, Bich is quite shy in public. At break time, she enjoys staying in the classroom to finish her homework before going home. Also, she likes the quiet và peaceful atmosphere of the school library. In her free time, she prefers reading books & helping her mother prepare meals.

Although each of us has different personalities, we share a number of common hobbies và have a lot of fun together. I find myself lucky to lớn have them as my intimate friends.

Task 1. Answer the following questions by choosing the correct options.

1. How many friends is Huyen Anh talking about?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

2. What is Huyen Anh like?

A. She is a sociable girl.

B. She is quite reserved in public.

C. She is talkative.

3. What does Tram Anh look like?

A. She is tall và beautiful.

B. She enjoys helping the poor and the disabled.

C. She is so gentle & generous.

4. Tram Anh and Minh, ____.

A. Sing quite well

B. Are sociable and helpful

C. Are talkative & humorous

5. What does Bich love doing in her không tính phí time?

A. Doing her homework

B. Studying in the library

C. Reading and helping her mother

Task 2. Decide whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F).

It is hard for Huyen Anh to start the conversation with someone. FTram Anh teaches orphans English on Saturdays. FMinh’s jokes can be annoying to his friends sometimes. TMinh can play soccer very well. TBich never does her homework during break time. F

IV. Read the passage và do the task that follows/do the tasks that follow.

Generally, friendship exists for three reasons: virtue; usefulness; or pleasure. When virtue is the reason, friendship exists for the sake of friendship; where both like each other và cherish each other for some creditable values in the other’s personality. You know that you would even die khổng lồ swear your friendship for that person. You also know that the other would make you live than die for him/her regardless of intelligence, handsomeness, utility or the capability of giving pleasure.

A friendship of the second kind is formed for the practical value of it. How useful so và so is lớn me? What can I benefit from him? Will he use his reputation và influence khổng lồ fetch me a good job? Thus a person may maintain relationship for practical, professional, & political reasons. However, once we do away with the usefulness, the friendship eventually dies.

Friendship of the third kind is formed essentially on tài khoản of the pleasure the relationship can give. He is a joker. The moment he enters, you forget all your worries. She is cute, intelligent và charming. The very notion that she is your friend makes you feel proud. The point rests here: How good is he/she in giving me pleasure physically, emotionally, mentally and materially?

Now lớn the question: Which of the three is good? The second type is good, yet since basing on utility, it falls short of longevity and quality. The third type is good too, but how long one enjoys only pleasure in life? But the first type, virtue-based friendship is fantastic for this reason: it lasts till the kết thúc of this universe.

1. From paragraph 1, we can infer that ____.

A. Real friendship does not count one person’s cleverness, appearance, utility and his/her aptitude for creating fun.

B. You have to lớn die in order lớn prove your friendship.

C. Personality is not an important factor in choosing a friend.

D. There are two main motives for friendship.

2. Which of the following has the closet meaning to lớn “do away with” in paragraph 2?

A. Kill

B. Escape

C. Get rid of

D. Ask for

3. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the reading passage?

A. Friendship basing on the capacity for creating pleasure still possesses some uncertainty

B. Friendship requires a lot of patience và efforts from both sides

C. Friendship usually does not last long if it is built on materialistic need

D. Virtue-based friendship’s chip core is a friend’s creditable traits in his or her personality

4. Synonym(s) of utility in paragraph 4 can be found in:

A. Paragraph 1

B. Paragraph 2

C. Paragraph 3

D. Paragraph 4

5. Which kind of friendship is most unshakable?

A. The first

B. The second

C. The third

D. Not mentioned


I. Rewrite each sentence with the word in brackets lớn emphasize the underlined part.

We had a wonderful buổi tiệc nhỏ in the garden. (that)

It was in the garden that we had a wonderful party.

Mary is very depressed about the result of the examination. (who)

It is Mary who is very depressed about the result of the examination.

The boys play football in the schoolyard every afternoon. (that)

It is every afternoon that the boys play football in the schoolyard.

The poor girl won first prize in the singing competition. (that)

It was first prize that the poor girl won in the singing competition.

My friend gave me a present at my birthday party. (that)

It was at my birthday buổi tiệc nhỏ that my friend gave me a present.

We really enjoy doing volunteer work. (that)

It is volunteer work that we really enjoy doing.

Hung is in the lãng mạn relationship with Mai. (who)

It is Mai who Hung is in the thắm thiết relationship with.

He bought two houses on Nguyen Trai Street at the age of 25. (that)

It was at the age of 25 that he bought two houses on Nguyen Trai Street.

Students usually ask the teacher a lot of interesting questions. (who)

It is the teacher who students usually ask a lot of interesting questions.

My mom is making some cakes for our dinner. (that)

It is for our dinner that my mom is making some cakes.

II. Reorder the words khổng lồ make complete sentences.

It/ he/ his/ that/ changed/ father’s/ a/ after/ was/ death / lot./ himself

It was after his father’s death that he changed himself a lot.

going/ to/ am/ I/ the / Tokyo/ that/ in / It/ is/ holiday./ spend

It is in Tokyo that I am going to lớn spend the holiday.

USA/ 2008/ got/It/ the / married./ in/ settled/ down/ he/ was/ that/ in/ and

It was in 2008 that he settled down in the USA & got married.

that/ It/ mom/ was/ their/ gave / on/ wedding / anniversary / dad/ diamond/ ring./ my/ my/ a

It was on their wedding anniversary that my dad have my mom a diamond ring.

some/ It/ in / boyfriend/ me/ took / beautiful/ photos/ my/ was / who/ for/ Japan.

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It was my boyfriend who took some beautiful photos for me in Japan.