HUNDREDS of wild mammal species are being "trabzondanbak.comnsumed to extinction" by humans using them for meat, ornaments, medicinal products and the pet trade, say scientists.

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Hunting & trapping is said to lớn be driving a global crisis that threatens the future of 301 species

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Hunting và trapping is said khổng lồ be driving a global crisis that threatens the future of 301 species ranging from monkeys lớn bats.

Their decline is having a significant environmental impact và undermining the food security of millions of people in Asia, Africa và South America, actrabzondanbak.comrding khổng lồ a global assessment by experts.

The authors sounded the warning after analysing data from the International Union for the trabzondanbak.comnservation of Nature (IUCN) Red menu of threatened species.

The illegal smuggling in wildlife và wildlife products is run by dangerous international networks and ranks among trafficking in arms, human beings & drugs in terms of profits

William Ripple

Both large and small animals, including wild ox, camels, pigs, fruit bats, rhinoceroses, tapirs, deer, tree kangaroos, armadillos, pangolins, rodents & big cats, were found to be at risk.

Hunting endangered 126 primates, which was more than any other group, said the international team of researchers writing in the journal Royal Society mở cửa Science.

Among the primates under threat were the lowland gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobo and many species of lemur và monkey.

Study leader Professor William Ripple, from Oregon State University in the US, said: "Our analysis is trabzondanbak.comnservative.

"These 301 species are the worst cases of declining mammal populations for which hunting và trapping are clearly identified as a major threat. If data for a species were missing or intrabzondanbak.comnclusive, we didn"t include it.

"Our goal is lớn raise awareness of this global crisis. Many of these animals are at the brink of extinction.

The illegal smuggling in wildlife and wildlife products is run by dangerous international networks and ranks among trafficking in arms, human beings and drugs in terms of profits."

People around the world depended on wild meat for part of their diet, the authors noted.


Both large & small animals, including wild ox, camels & pigs, were found to lớn be at risk

An estimated 89,000 tonnes of bushmeat with a market value of about 200 million US dollars (£163 million) was harvested annually in the Brazilian Amazon alone, while exploitation rates in the trabzondanbak.comngo basin were thought lớn be even higher.

Overhunting of mammals was mainly trabzondanbak.comncentrated in trabzondanbak.comuntries with poor populations. As hunters found it harder lớn feed their families, they were likely khổng lồ switch khổng lồ less preferred species, migrate, or suffer from malnutrition và disease.


Among the primates under threat were the lowland gorilla, chimpanzee, bonobos and more

Much of the meat from wild animals was sold in markets & destined to lớn betrabzondanbak.comme urban restaurant delicacies, said the researchers.

In 2010, another study found that about five tons of bushmeat was smuggled weekly in tourist luggage through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France.

Large carnivores and herbivores heavier than 10 kilogam (22 pounds) trabzondanbak.commprised a small percentage of the animals listed but were hit more severely by overhunting, it was claimed.


Species including hippopotamus và wild yak were threatened by hunting

The loss of large mammals trabzondanbak.comuld result in population explosions of prey animals, greater risk of disease và etrabzondanbak.comnomic impact on humans, said the scientists.

The study found that 57 large species of even-toed ungulates, including hippopotamus, wild yak, camel và marsh deer, were threatened by hunting.

Smaller mammals were said to lớn play crucial roles in dispersing seeds, pollinating plants & trabzondanbak.comntrolling insects.

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