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Miu My


viết lại câu sau nghĩa không chũm đổi1. This is the first time he went abroad.he hasn"t....2.when did you vày this homework.how long.....3.how long have you waited for your father.when did.....

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Viết lại câu làm sao để cho nghĩa ko đổi:

1. People say that they bought this siêu thị last year

=> It is ...

=> They are ...

2. It's two years since I last spoke to her

=> I haven't ...

3. Despite working hard, he can't tư vấn his large family

=> Although ...

4. In spite of the bad weather, they had a wonderful holiday

=> Although ...

5. The planet is Venus. The planet is closest lớn the Earth

=> The planet which ...

ví như được các bạn cũng có thể cho mk bí quyết đổi luôn luôn được ko ạ ~ Thanks nhìu ạ!!!


Viết lại câu làm sao để cho nghĩa ko đổi

1. They have just sent an ambulance lớn the school

=> An ambulance ...

2. ''There are flights from Nha Trang to tp hà nội twice a week" they said lớn me

=> They told me ...

3. It's 3 years since I last saw Nam

=> I haven't ...

4. Keeping the environment clean is very important

=> It's ...

5. Learning E is very necessary

=> It is ...

Nếu được các chúng ta có thể cho mk bí quyết đổi luôn luôn được ko ạ ~ Thanks nhìu ạ!!!

viết câu lại làm thế nào để cho nghĩa ko đổi

1.Scouting begin in England in 1970

2,All the members of the Y &Y club went to lớn the meeting but it rained heavily

3.Our school is raising fund lớn the poor


1.How long is it since he left school?=>When

2.We can't afford lớn buy this car=>the car

3.We arrived too late khổng lồ see the film=>We didn't

4.If you don't rest your self,you'll be ill=>Unless

5.Nam has never spoken to lớn a foreign before=>It

6.What is the weight of your suitcase=>How

7.My house is bigger than your's=>Your house isn't

8.My father cleans the car every week=>The car

9."Do you know to speak E"He asked me=>He asked me

10.Someone should vì this job tomorrow=>The job

Giup bản thân với, mình đang buộc phải gấp:

Viết lại câu làm thế nào cho nghĩa không đổi:

1. How long have you been an ethnologist?

( ightarrow When)...........?

2. Who vì chưng these beautiful ornaments belong to?

( ightarrow Whose)...........?

Viết lại câu sau làm sao cho nghĩa của chúng không cụ đổi:

1.It will be impossible lớn avoid pollution if we don't find other fuels.

->We can't...

2.People say that nuclear enery has caused lots of problem.

->Nuclear energy is supposed...

3.I'm sure you were surprised when y ou heard the new.

->You must...

4.It is extremely difficult for them khổng lồ cut down on smoking.

->Much to...


Viết lại câu giữ nguyên nghĩa

1 . It was such an expensive house that nobody can buy it

-> The house was so

2 . The food was so good that we ate all of it

-> It was

3 . The patient was too weak to get up

-> The patient was so

4 . This room is too dark for me lớn study

-> This room is so



1.To jog in the morning is good=>It's

2.Do you mind smoking=>Do you

3.In making glass people use a long pipe,dip it into the liquid,the blow the liquid into intended shapes( chuyen thanh bi dong)

4.The little boy made a doll's house=> A doll house

5."Don't try to mở cửa it"she said to us=>she told us

6.The sister asked"you must finish your homework today,Tom"=>The sister asked Tom

7I went lớn the college.I want to see professor Taylor.(in order to)

8.They regulary paticipated in volunteer activities when they were young(used to)

9.E is spoken in the world by many people=>Many people

10.She started lớn learn E in 2003=>She has


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1.How fast you(drive)when the accident(happen)?

2Nam (not buy)a new computer since he(sell)the old one

3.When we(meet) B và H yesterday,we(walk)through the park

4.MC(award)the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903

5.I(just meet)her in the street

6.I(not tell)him yet


1.If you can give a reasonable.............for your bad behavior last night,I'll forget you(explain)