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FUHO, A Synonym of Metalworking Vertical Bandsaw

Founded in 1967 and located in Taipei, Taiwan, the Fu Ho Factory Co., Ltd. specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of metalworking vertical bandsaws and blade welders. Showing passionate devotion to the advancement of vertical bandsaws for more than half a century, our vast experience has made us a fully-fledged brand & a bellwether manufacturer in the industry. Rather than resting on our laurels, we’ve dedicated ourselves to lớn improving pertinent technology and knowledge as well as pursuing greater efficacy & nicety. We’ve not only distributed our products worldwide, but also enjoyed strong tư vấn and great trust from large enterprises and educational institutions, for we guarantee considerate và professional service.

Outstanding thiết kế with Precision, Stabilization and High Performance

We are proud of the rugged thiết kế of our machines, và set great store by aesthetics in addition to lớn efficacy, safety & systemic quality. The main toàn thân of our vertical bandsaw is made of heavy gauge steel, together with a solid cast-iron worktable, which substantially reduces vibration from cutting at high speeds. Its excellent variable speed design allows high-efficiency cutting and application of various metals & non-metal materials. Our vertical bandsaw is also equipped with several devices, such as multi-tilting worktable, intelligible blade tension indicator, universal blade guide, built-in annealer, grinder, blade shear, và so forth, which you can find the vertical bandsaw that best meets your need. Your need is always in our heart when we design our machines. Therefore, in addition to lớn existing models, we provide customized versions for our customers having special demands.

Quality Service & Unswerving Passion for Advances

Our highly skilled technical staff will rapidly provide you with the most professional and efficient service. Over 90 percent components in stock ensure our prompt delivery for replacement parts.

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We’ll keep the torch of our passion aflame, provide top-quality service, and bring our vertical bandsaws khổng lồ a greater degree of perfection.