The infamous hostage concert from Dispatch is finally set lớn release in April and fans are more confused than ever due khổng lồ its Metaverse concept

The anticipated venue of the 2022 D"Festa concert (Korea Dispatch)


The Global K-pop Festival or the ‘D’Festa’ concert from Korea Dispatch will take place at MPX Gallery, also known as CGV Yeouido, an exhibition mall in Seoul, South Korea.

How to Watch

The show will feature pre-recorded stages from the nine participating K-pop groups. It will be an in-person sự kiện held in South Korea. Fans may be able to lớn watch the movie on Dispatch Korea’s official YouTube channel but any further information is yet to lớn be released.


Tickets reservation for the ‘D’Festa’ concert from Dispatch will start from March 25, 6 pm KST (4 am ET). Fans can reserve their ticket using this link.


The highly anticipated ‘hostage concert’ from Dispatch will feature 9 K-pop groups in total

BTSTXTEnhypenNU’ESTSeventeenTWICEStray KidsNCT DreamNCT 127

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