1. Audio Unit 1 - Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test2. Transcripts Unit 1 - Developing Skills for the TOEIC TestPart 1 Picture Description1. (A) The man is flying a kite (B) The man is waving to lớn his friend (C) The men are cleaning the park (D) The men are taking a break from work2. (A) The cats are flighting outside. (B) His cat is sleeping soundly (C) The cát is walking along the street (D) The cát is near the door3. (A) The woman is drinking a beer. (B) People are drinking và smoking at a bar. (C) The woman is holding a drink (D) She is paying the bartender cash for the drink.4. (A) The art is on display in a museum (B) The building is being turn down. (C) The children are painting the school (D) There is graffiti on the wall5. (A) The value of the building is low (B) The building has been destroyed by fire (C) The building is under construction (D) The office building is xuất hiện for business.Part 2. Questions and Responses1. How far is it to lớn Pasadena? (A) I drove there. (B) About five kilometers (C) In one hour.2. Is your father home? (A) Yes, just a minute, please (B) In the car. (C) No, he can"t3. Where is my tie? (A) I bought it. (B) She"s in her bedroom (C) It"s on the dresser4. How are you doing? (A) I"m working now (B) Great! và you? (C) Thanks for asking.5. Can you help me with this project? (A) I don"t need any help, thanks (B) Not right now. I"m very busy. (C) I"ll be out of the office.Part 3 Short ConversationsQuestions 1 through 3 refer lớn the following conversationM: Excuse me. I need to kiểm tra out of my room about 30 minutes late tomorrow. I"m expecting a phone điện thoại tư vấn at 10:30 late tomorrow.I"m expecting a phone call at 10:30 và I won"t be finished by 11:00. Will that be a problem?W: Not at all. Your bill has already been paid, so just leave your keys in the room.M: Great. Thank you very much.W: I hope you enjoyed your stayQuestions 4 through 6 refer lớn the following conversationW: Excuse me, can you tell me how lớn operate this machine?M: Of course. You need lớn load your originals in the tray, dial the number & press start.W: Is that the big red button?M: No, it"s the green one here. Just ask if you have any more problems.Part 4 Short TalksQuestions 1 through 3 refer khổng lồ the following informationM: Welcome khổng lồ scenic Durango. Our resort offers many activities that you can enjoy in the beautiful sunshine each day. Forexample, we offer river rafting & rock climbing. We also offer mountain biking trips, golf lessons & tournaments & manyother sports. If you need further information or want khổng lồ sign up for any of these activities, please ask for our activitiescoordinator, Roxie Lane. She will be pleased khổng lồ help.Questions 4 through 6 refer to the following informationW: Welcome lớn the first faculty meeting of the year. My name is Beverly và I am pleased khổng lồ introduce khổng lồ your our new facultymembers, Professor Hale & Professor Chava. They will be joining us this year. OK, well, there are many new things khổng lồ discusshere in our first departmental meeting of the new semester, so I"d lượt thích to begin immediately. The first thing I want lớn mention isthe use of a new textbook, which we will give you now.3. Answer key Unit 1 - Developing Skills for the TOEIC TestPart 11. (A) The man is flying a kite2. (D) The mèo is near the door.3. (C) The woman is holding a drink.4. (D) There is graffiti on the wall.5. (C) The building is under construction.Part 21. (B) About five kilometers.2. (A) Yes, just a minute, please.3. (C) It"s on the dresser.4. (B) Great! and you?5. (B) Not right now, I"m very busy.Part 31. (B) At a hotel.2. (B) He is expecting a phone call.3. (A) 11:304. (C) How khổng lồ send a fax.5. (B) Documents.6. (D) The green button.Part 41. (B) Outdoor activities2. (D) River rafting.3. (B) The activities coordinator4. (C) Hale and Chava.5. (A) At a university.6. (A) A book.VocabularyListening Unit 2 - Developing Skills for the TOEIC TestBookDeveloping Skills for the TOEIC Test

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Listening Unit 1 - Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test
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