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MAI LAN HƯƠNG – HÀ THANH UYÊN BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 TẬP 1 THEO CHƯƠNG TRÌNH MỚI CỦA BỘ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO CÓ ĐÁP ÁN NHÀ XUẤT BẢN ĐÀ NẴNG -2018-Nhằm giúp các em học viên có thêm tài liệu nhằm ôn luyện và thực hành môn giờ đồng hồ Anh 7 theo chương trình mới của Bộ giáo dục và Đào Tạo, shop chúng tôi biên soạn cuốn sách Bài tập tiếng Anh 7. Bài tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 7 có hai tập tương ứng với hai tập sách giáo khoa tiếng Anh 7 của nhà Xuất phiên bản Giáo dục việt nam hợp tác với đơn vị Xuất bạn dạng Giáo dục Pearson. Bài xích tập giờ đồng hồ Anh 7 - tập 1 có 6 đơn vị chức năng bài tập được soạn theo tiếp giáp nội dung của 6 đơn vị bài học trong sách tiếng Anh 7 - tập 1. Mỗi đơn vị chức năng bài tập tất cả 5 phần:  Phần A - Phonetics: những bài tập ngữ âm giúp củng cố tài năng phát âm và năng lực nhận biết những âm.  Phần B - Vocabulary & Grammar: những bài tập về tự vựng và ngữ pháp giúp ôn luyện từ bỏ vựng với củng cố kiến thức và kỹ năng ngữ pháp trong từng đơn vị bài học.  Phần C - Speaking: các bài tập để câu hỏi, hoàn tất đoạn hội thoại, sắp xếp đoạn hội thoại, v.v. Góp rèn luyện kỹ năng nói.  Phần D - Reading: các đoạn văn ngắn với hình thức điền vào vị trí trống, lựa chọn từ nhằm điền vào nơi trống, phát âm và trả lời câu hỏi, gọi rồi viết T (true) hoặc F (false), v.v. Giúp luyện tập và phát triển kỹ năng đọc hiểu.  Phần E - Writing: các bài tập viết câu hoặc viết đoạn văn góp luyện tập kỹ năng viết. Sau phần bài xích tập của mỗi đơn vị bài tập có một bài bác kiểm tra (Test for Unit) và sau 3 đơn vị bài tập gồm một bài xích tự kiểm soát (Test Yourself) nhằm mục đích giúp những em ôn tập cùng củng cố kỹ năng đã học. Trong quy trình biên soạn sẽ không còn tránh khỏi sai sót, công ty chúng tôi rất muốn nhận được ý kiến đóng góp của thầy cô giáo, quý cha mẹ và chúng ta đọc nhằm sách được hoàn thành hơn. Chân thành cảm ơn. Ban biên soạn ZenbooksUNIT 1 MY HOBBIES A. PHONETICS I. Put the words in the correct column depending on the spelling of the letter(s) in bold. Occasion, world, girl, answer, heard, mother, birth, around, neighbour, work, early, upon, parent, learn, expert, singer, nature, sunburn, collect, shirt, monopoly, hurt, carrot, doctor, word, dirty /ə/ /з:/ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ II. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. Pottery b. Flower c. Silent d. Service 2. A. Girl b. Expert c. Xuất hiện d. Burn 3. A. Sentence b. World c. Picture d. Dangerous 4. A. Surfing b. Collect c. Concert d. Melody 5. A. Worst b. Learn c. Control d. Dessert B. VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR I. Look at the pictures và name the activities. Mountain climbing horse-riding bird-watching making pottery making models carving wood arranging flowers playing board games 1. ___ 2.___ 3.___ 4.___ 5. ___ 6.___ 7.___ 8.___ 6 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPII. Complete the sentences with the words from the box. Photos fishing eggshells music gardening painting mã sản phẩm cars swimming 1. She usually goes ___ with her friends in the pool near her school. 2. Sarah likes ___. She plants lots of flowers & vegetables in her trang chủ garden. 3. Every weekend, I go ___ in my uncle’s boat, or just off the shoreline. 4. In later years, he took up ___ as a hobby. He drew watercolour landscapes. 5. My hobby is listening to ___. It can help relax my mind. 6. I have recently started a new hobby – collecting ___. 7. Most people take ___ & post them on their social networking accounts. 8. Carving ___ is a great hobby that can make you happier. III. Put the words into the correct column. Skating camping football swimming stamps badges gymnastics chess gardening books cartoons crossword sports judo aerobics jogging dolls board games coins films tennis television cycling game shows PLAY:___ GO: ___ DO: ___ COLLECT: ___ WATCH:___ IV. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple. 1. I ___ (not visit) my parents very often. 2. ___ (Mai/ go) khổng lồ school every day? ~ No, she (go) ___ to lớn school from Monday lớn Friday. 3. The teachers at our school ___ (give) us lots of homework. 4. My brother ___ (play) tennis, but he ___ (not like) it. 5. How often ___ (they/ go) jogging? 6. We(not study) ___ chemistry because it ___ (be) difficult. 7. ___ (your parents/ watch) TV every night? 8. Mark’s class ___ (do) sport on Monday & Wednesday. 9. Children often ___ (use) a computer for school work. 10. Mike ___ (usually/ not play) computer games during the week. V. Complete the following sentences with will or won’t and a verb from the box. Buy phone take invite meet offer live end use chat UNIT 1: MY HOBBIES71. Wait a minute, please. The concert ___ soon. 2. When ___ humans ___ on the Red Planet? 3. OK. At 5 o’clock we ___ you outside the shopping centre. 4. They probably ___me the job. I had a terrible interview. 5. I’m sorry about losing that book. I ___ you another one next week. 6. ___ you ___ me when you get the news? 7. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we ___ our umbrellas. 8. Turn on your máy tính tonight. We ___ a little bit. 9. I___ them here again, whatever you say. 10. I think people ___ CDs in trăng tròn years’ time. VI. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Future Simple. 1. I ___ (listen) lớn music in my miễn phí time. 2. It often (rain) ___ in the summer. 3. Vì you think that he ___ (recognise) me? 4. We___ (not want) lớn see that film because it looks boring. 5. What time ___ the film ___ (begin)? 6. I promise that I ___ (not be) late for school again. 7. Simon usually ___ (do) his homework & ___ (watch) TV at the same time. 8. The students ___ (plant) some flowers in the schoolyard tomorrow. 9. Nam và Vinh___ (play) volleyball three times a week. 10. The train ___ (leave) at 6 o’clock in the morning. VII.Complete the sentences, using the -ing size of the verbs in the box. Tidy fly take watch cook make wait read play go 1. Vày you fancy ___ out this evening? 2. I lượt thích ___ tennis at the weekend. 3. Jim enjoys ___ photos of himself và his friends. 4. Ann’s father doesn’t like ___ ice hockey on TV. 5. My mother hates ___, so we eat out every often. 6. Bởi vì you like ___ pottery? 7. She dislikes ___ her room every day. 8. My niece loves ___ adventure books. 9. I can’t stand ___ for buses in the rain. 10. They detest ___, so they usually travel by train or coach. VIII. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1. Would you mind ___ (watch) my bag for a few minutes? 2. I enjoy ___ (listen) to lớn music while I’m doing the cooking. 3. He wants ___ (buy) a new computer game. 8 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP4. I’d lượt thích ___ (speak) khổng lồ Mr Davis, please. Is he there? 5. Please avoid ___ (make) silly mistakes in this exercise. 6. The children would love ___ (eat) French fries. 7. She really loves ___ (work) with children. 8. We tried ___ (call) you but your mobile was off. 9. They intend ___ (build) houses on the school playing fields. 10. I can’t stand ___ (do) the washing up. IX. Choose the correct verb khung or tense. 1. I’m told you are ill. I hope you ___ better again. A. Will feel b. Feel c. Are feeling d. Don’t feel 2. We were getting tired, so we stopped ___ lunch. A. Have b. Having c. Lớn have d. For having 3. ___ you ___ to school every morning? a. Does walk b. Do walk c. Will walk D. Are walking 4. He enjoys ___ cycling at the weekend. A. To lớn go b. Going c. Goes d. Go 5. You needn’t wear your coat. It ___ cold today. A. Will be b. Won’t be c. Doesn’t be d. Is 6. We ___ swimming because it’s fun và good exercise. A. Like b. Are liking c. Will like d. Liked 7. My grandparents don’t lượt thích ___ in the đô thị because it’s noisy and crowded. A. Live b. Lived c. Living d. To living 8. Fire needs oxygen to lớn burn. It ___ without oxygen. A. Burn b. Burns c. Don’t burn d. Doesn’t burn 9. How much time do you spend ___ the internet per day? a. Surf b. Khổng lồ surf c. Surfing d. Lớn be surfing 10. I don’t mind ___ a DVD, but I prefer ___ lớn the cinema. A. Khổng lồ watch - to go b. Watching – go c. Khổng lồ watch – going d. Watching – lớn go X. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. 1. Hi, everyone. Welcome ___ my house! 2. Is there anything good ___ television tonight? 3. What do you lượt thích doing ___ your không tính phí time? 4. He takes photographs ___ a hobby. 5. Will you take ___ making pottery in the future? 6. He is interested ___ collecting toy cars. It’s his favourite hobby. 7. ___ weekends, we usually go fishing in the river. 8. My cousin always gives me gifts ___ special occasions. UNIT 1: MY HOBBIES9C. SPEAKING I. Write questions for the underlined parts. 1. A:___ B: My hobby is photography. 2. A: ___ B: I started my hobby five years ago. 3. A: ___ B: I enjoy my hobby because I think it’s creative. 4. A: ___ B: I spend two hours a day on my hobby. 5. A: ___ B: Jim usually plays volleyball in his miễn phí time. 6. A: ___ B: He plays volleyball three times a week. 7. A: ___ B: He often plays volleyball at the court near his school. 8. A: ___ B: He likes to play volleyball with his friends. II. Put the dialogue into the correct order. ___ Thanks. What else vì you vì in your free time? ___ I like basketball, too. Shall we play together this Saturday morning? ___ I really lượt thích painting. ___ Yeah, what kinds of hobby vì chưng you have? _1_ Hey there! ___ I’m going to lớn the judo club. ___ Oh, that’s really cool! ___ Hey, what are you going? ___ How creative you are! ___ I also swim and play basketball. ___ You vày judo? ___ Sounds great! ___ Yeah, I’m a đen belt of judo. D. READING I. Fill in each blank with a word from the box. Kinds classify books near name collection clean immediately 10 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPCollecting (1) ___ is my favourite hobby. I started my hobby five years ago. Thefirst vật phẩm in my (2) ___ is a book about Doraemon. And now I have a lot of books of all (3) ___ comics, children’s, history, science, detective, adventure, etc. Whenever I find an interesting book I buy it (4) ___. I usually buy books in the bookstores (5) ___ my school & my house. Sometimes my relatives and my friends give me books as a gift. I (6) ___ my books into different categories và put each category in one corner of my bookshelf with a (7) ___ tag on it. It takes all my miễn phí time to keep everything (8) ___ & dusted. It keeps me amused for hours, too. II. Read the text carefully, then decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). Our life would be hard without rest and recreation. Và people have many different ideas of how khổng lồ spend their không tính tiền time. If you enjoy doing a thing or activity in your không tính phí time, then you have a hobby. A hobby is an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, done during one’s own time. A person’s hobbies depend on his age, character và personal interests. An interesting thing to one person can be boring lớn another. That’s why some people prefer reading, cooking, knitting, collecting, playing a musical instrument, photography or playing computer games while others prefer dancing, travelling, camping or sports. 1. A hobby is anything that you enjoy doing in your free time. 2. Different people have the same hobbies. 3. A hobby can provide us with relaxation. 4. Your hobby may be changed as you get older. 5. One person’s hobby may be a boring thing khổng lồ another person. 6. Playing sports is not a hobby. E. WRITING I. Arrange the words lớn make sentences. 1. Hobby/ you/ have/ any / do/? ___ 2. His/ do/ what/ your/ brother/ free/ does/ in/ time/? ___ 3. He/ summer/ in/ climbing/ goes/ mountain/ the/ usually/. ___ 4. Friends/ monopoly/ enjoy/ I/ with/ playing/ my/? ___ 5. It/ boring/ because/ finds/ time/ models/ Jim/ takes/ lots of/ making/. ___ 6. You/ up/ will/ ice-skating/ future/ in/ take/ the/? ___ II. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one. 1. What is your hobby? → What hobby ___ UNIT 1: MY HOBBIES112. We all find painting interesting because it’s a creative activity. → We all think ___ 3. His hobby is collecting toy cars. → He collects ___ 4. It isn’t necessary khổng lồ finish the work today. → You don’t ___ 5. When did you start your hobby? → How long ___ 6. It took me three hours to make this pottery jug. → I spent ___ 7. My father likes to bởi vì gardening at the weekend. → My father enjoys ___ 8. Why don’t we go swimming this afternoon? → What about ___ demo FOR UNIT 1 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. Exciting b. Excellent c. Experience d. Expensive 2. A. Hobby b. Cycle c. Bye d. Why 3. A. Pottery b. Collect c. Melody d. Monopoly 4. A. Heard b. Bird c. World d. Picture 5. A. Bird-watching b. Children c. School d. Challenge II. Match the word(s) in A with the rest in B to lớn make a complete sentence. A B 1. Model making a. Is actually a part of the craft of decorating eggs. 2. Eggshell carving b. Needs a pattern, a needle and threads. 3. Reading c. Is the process of cutting a piece of wood lớn make decorative objects. 4. Sewing d. Means making very small replicas of real objects. 5. Woodcarving e. Is the thể thao or activity of climbing mountains. 6. Mountaineering f. Develops your imagination và widens your knowledge. III. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d to lớn complete the sentence. 1. My father can make beautiful pieces of art ___ empty eggshells. A. Of b. From c. In d. Into 2. Why don’t you take ___ a new hobby? a. Up b. In c. Over d. After 3. Collecting cars is a(n) ___ hobby. It costs a lot of money. A. Interesting b. Cheap c. Expensive d. Unusual 12 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP4. More people are ___ birds today than ever before. A. Seeing b. Looking c. Hearing d. Watching 5. Vày you enjoy ___ board games? a. Play b. Khổng lồ play c. Playing d. Played 6. Be careful not lớn drop it; it’s very ___. A. Quality b. Fragile c. Difficult d. Unusual 7. Sam and I ___ the same hobby. We both like playing computer games. A. Nói qua b. Play c. Bởi vì d. Work 8. I hope he’ll teach me ___ to vì eggshell carving. A. What b. Where c. How d. When 9. ___ have you had your hobby? ~ For three years. A. How much b. How long c. How often d. When 10. ‘I think model making is an expensive hobby.’ ‘___ it’s incredibly cheap.’ a. You’re right b. Certainly c. No matter d. Not at all IV. Complete the sentences with the correct form or tense of the verb play, go, vày or collect. 1. He ___ tennis with his father every Sunday. 2. We ___ camping in Dam Sen Park next Saturday. 3. ___ you ___ coins some day in the future? 4. Bởi you want ___ a jigsaw puzzle with me? 5. I enjoy___ cycling at the weekend. 6. My uncle ___ karate when he was young. 7. The children ___ volleyball on the beach at the moment. 8. When I’m waiting for the train, I usually ___ crosswords. 9. She dislikes ___ chess because she finds it boring. 10. I ___ books since I was ten years old. V. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets. 1. Rossie has a large ___ (collect)of dolls. 2. A___ is someone who enjoys watching birds. (birdwatch) 3. My sister’s hobby is ___.She took a lot of nice photos. (photo) 4. I find woodcarving ___ because it’s a creative activity. (interest) 5. ___ eggshells are unique gifts for family & friends. (carve) 6. A hobby is an ___ that you vày for pleasure. (act) 7. I think collecting glass bottles is ___. (usual) 8. Susan is very ___ and she paints very well. (create) VI. There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline and correct the mistake. 1. Phái mạnh is my classmates. He watches TV every night. ___ 2. I think collecting stamps are interesting. ___ 3. My dad cooks very good. He loves preparing meals for our family. ___ UNIT 1: MY HOBBIES134. I enjoy to ride my bike to school. ___ 5. We usually go in a small lake out of the thành phố at weekends. ___ 6. Vị you still play football next year? ___ 7. We lượt thích doing fishing because it is relaxing. ___ 8. Bởi vì you think bird-watching interesting? ___ VII.Match the questions with the answer. 1. Will you go swimming tomorrow? a. I think it is dangerous. 2. Does your mother like watching films on TV? b. Nope, I have another plan. 3. What bởi you think about windsurfing? c. Maybe. I find it really interesting. 4. Will you take up carving eggshells someday? d. Yes, she enjoys mountain biking. 5. Why do you find making models boring? e. No, she loves going khổng lồ the cinema. 6. What are your hobbies? f. About three years ago. 7. When did your brother start painting? g. Because it takes too much time. 8. Does she have any difficult hobby? h. Swimming and playing chess. VIII. Choose the word which best fits each gap. Many people (1) ___ crafting with paper. The materials are readily available & don’t cost much; and no super special talents is needed. Anyone (2) ___ be a paper crafter. There are many different paper craft techniques. Origami is one of ancient techniques developed in japan where squares of paper are (3) ___ and formed into various objects such as flowers, animals, and boxes. Card (4) ___ is also a favourite paper craft technique. Birthday cards are the most popular greeting cards, followed by Christmas cards. Receiving a (5) ___ thẻ is a special gift, because of the time and effort someone spent making it. It lets the recipient know just how much you care (8) ___ them. 1. A. Enjoy b. Decide c. Want d. Learn 2. A. Must b. Should c. Can d.will 3. A. Wrapped b. Folded c. Torn d.taken 4. A. Making b. Doing c. Changing d. Receiving 5. A. Handmake b. Handmaking c. Handmade d. Making hand 6. A. In b. On c. Over d. About IX. Read the text carefully, then answer the questions. My name’s Susan. I have two favourite hobbies. My first hobby is reading. I started to vì chưng it when I was four years old. The first time I did it, I felt interested. So I kept reading. I enjoy reading because it can make me relaxed and calm. Moreover, it can give me an imagination, so I can write books in the future. I can learn the different cultures and customs of other countries in the world, too. My second hobby is gardening. I have made a small garden và planted many beds of flowers. In the spring season, my garden is full of beautiful flowers. I have a separate plot for vegetables – carrots, potatoes, etc. In the evening, I water the plants and remove the weeds. I love sitting in my garden & reading my books. It is very pleasant to lớn be there! 1. What are Susan’s hobbies? ___ 14 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP2. When did she start reading? ___ 3. How did she feel when she first read a book? ___ 4. Why does she enjoy reading? ___ 5. What has she planted in her garden? ___ 6. When does she water plants? ___ X. Write sentences, using the cues given. 1. I/ enjoy/ play / sports/ because/ it/ good/ health ___ 2. Your children/ go/ camp/every summer holiday? ___ 3. I/ think/ photography/ can/ expensive hobby ___ 4. My cousin/ give/ me/ book/ gift/ next birthday ___ 5. He/ find/ mountain climbing/ dangerous/ so/ he/ not take/ it ___ 6. I/ hope/ the future/ he/ teach/ me/ how/ do/ eggshell carving ___ UNIT 1: MY HOBBIES15UNIT 2 HEALTH A. PHONETICS I. Underline the sound /f/ và circle the sound /v/. Fun fine coffee over graph phone brave verb stuff clever enough laughing leaf leave vat view few valley save valve II. Say the sentences out loud. Then write the words with the sound /f/ & /v/ in the table. 1. I feel so bad. Maybe I should take a rest for some minutes. 2. His wife is laughing at the picture of the knight on the floor. 3. Living our life and holding our fate. 4. Which is the best movie in Fast & Furious series? 5. The invitation cards are beautiful và creative. 6. What animals have the rough skin? - Elephants, frogs, etc. /f/ /v/ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ B. VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR I. Match the common health problem with its definition. 1. Flu a. A common illness that affects the nose and/or throat, making you cough, sneeze, etc. 2. Allergy b. An abnormally high body toàn thân temperature 3. Cold c. A medical condition that makes you become ill or get a rash when you eat, smell, or touch something 4. Sunburn d. The pain in the middle or inner ear 5. Obesity e. The condition of having painful red skin that is caused by staying in the sun for too long 6. Earache f. The pain in a tooth or teeth 7 toothache g. The condition of being fat or overweight 8. Fever h. A very bad cold caused by a vi khuẩn that causes fever, pains and weakness 16 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPII. Fill in the blanks with the health problems in part I. 1. She feels very weak, has a high fever và her muscles hurt. She has ___. 2. He eats lots of junk food and be overweight. ___ is his problem. 3. She went outside all day long without wearing a hat. Now her skin turns red & hurts. She has got ___. 4. I think I’m getting a ___. I’ve got a sore throat and a runny nose. 5. Mark had lobster for dinner, & now his skin becomes covered with red marks. Hesays he has a shellfish . 6. If you’ve got ___, go và see a dentist. 7. His body toàn thân is too hot & soaked in sweat, but he feels very cold. I think he has a ___. 8. My sister feels pain in her ear. She has ___. III. Complete the sentences with the correct khung of the verb have or feel. Add a or an where necessary. 1. I ___ flu. I ___ tired & weak. 2. Jane ___ sick, so she stays at trang chủ today. 3. Maybe she ___ fever. Her face is red & she tells me that she ___ very hot. 4. I ___ terrible headache yesterday, but I ___ better now. 5. What’s wrong with Sarah? Does she ___ toothache? 6. ‘Have you ever ___ allergy to seafood?’ ‘Yes, I ___ ill when I ate some lobsters two months ago. 7. My friend ___ sunburn after a day at the beach. Her skin becomes red and sore. 8. I ___ itchy & I ___ runny nose. Do I ___ cold? IV. Put the words into the correct column. Flu, playing sports, cough, walking, sore throat, watching TV fever, gardening, allergy, swimming, runny nose, doing aerobics, headache, exercising, sneezing, cycling, red skin, relaxing, stomachache, sleeping Illnesses and symptoms Activities V. Underline the correct words. 1. Your eyes look very tired. Let your eyes rest more / less and watch more / less TV. 2. If you want to lớn stay in shape, eat more / less healthy food like fruits, vegetables or fish. 3. Drink more / less water when you have a high fever. 4. If you want to thua kém weight, eat more / less junk food. 5. Sunbathe more / less to avoid getting sunburnt. 6. The popular thing to chiến bại weight is “eat more / less & exercise more / less”. UNIT 2: HEALTH 177. Stay outdoors and do more / less physical activities. You will be more healthy. 8. Spend more / less time in front of screens, such as the phone, TV or computer. It’s not good for your eyes. VI. Complete the imperatives with more or less, using the verbs in the box. Play drink eat read sleep spend watch do 1. ___video games or your eyes will be hurt. 2. ___ fruit, vegetables or nuts because they are healthy. 3. ___ if you want to lớn be more active. 4. If you want lớn improve your knowledge, ___ books. 5. ___ TV because too much TV is really bad for your eyes. 6. If you’re outside on a hot day, ___ water. 7. ___ exercise, & you will feel fitter và healthier. 8. ___ time on social media, so you can focus on your tasks. VII. Fill in the text with the words in the box. You can use one word more than once. Much many more little less It’s important for people to eat as (1) ___ as they need lớn give them energy. Ifthey eat too (2) ___ food or the wrong food they won’t have enough energy. If they eat too (3) ___, they will need to lớn make (4) ___ exercise; otherwise they will put on weight. Fat is very high in calories, và has been linked with heart disease. (5) ___ experts believe that eating (6) ___ fat would help lớn reduce heart disease. Sugar isn’t good for the energy balance. There’s no doubt that too (7) ___ sugar makes you fat and it is not good for your teeth either. On the other hand, fibre that is found in cereals, fruits & vegetables is an important part of a healthy balanced diet. One of the simplest ways of eating (8) ___ fibre is lớn eat (9) ___ bread. It’s a good, cheap source of fibre and nutrients without too (10) ___ calories. Potatoes are good, too. So to keep healthy, eat (11) ___ fatty food, sweets, chocolate, cakes, jam and eat (12) ___ bread, potatoes, pasta, fresh fruit và vegetables. VIII. Fill in the blanks with and,so, but, or. 1. We stayed at trang chủ ___ watched a film. 2. I want to lớn buy a new car, ___ I don’t have enough money. 3. She had a terrible headache last night, ___ she couldn’t go out. 4. I eat cake, ___ I never eat biscuits; I don’t lượt thích them. 5. Would you like cake ___ biscuits with your coffee? 6. My job is very interesting, ___ it doesn’t pay very well. 7. We can go by bus, ___ we can walk. 8. My classmate studies very hard, ___ she always gets good marks. 9. You had better hurry up, ___ you’ll be late for work. 10. The Japanese eat healthily, ___ they have high life expectancy. 18 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPIX. Join each pair of sentences by using a suitable conjunction: and, but, or, so. 1. The bus stopped. The man got off. ___ 2. Junk food tastes so good. It is bad for your health. ___ 3. You should eat less junk food. You will put on weight. ___ 4. He is a vegetarian. He doesn’t eat any meat. ___ 5. Would you lượt thích meat for lunch? Would you like vegetables for lunch? ___ 6. Susan went lớn the park. She had a ride on the swing. ___ 7. I love fruit. I am allergic lớn strawberries. ___ 8. There was a heavy rain. The roads were flooded. ___ X. Match the two parts of the sentence. 1. The doctor advises him lớn relax more, a. So he ate all the cakes. 2. The Americans love steak, b. But I prefers coffee. 3. Burgers are very tasty, c. Or he will be sick. 4. My father likes tea, d.or you’ll spoil the surprise. 5. He was very hungry, e. Because he had a toothache. 6. Sam went lớn the dentist’s, f. Và they love hamburgers, too. 7. We wanted khổng lồ go khổng lồ the cinema g. Although they are not very healthy. 8. Don’t tell Mary about her birthday party, h. But there weren’t any seats left. 1. ___;2. ___;3. ___;4. ___; 5. ___;6. ___; 7. ___; 8. ___ XI. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. 1. Would you like to go out? - No, thanks. I’d rather stay ___ home. 2. If you’re going to watch the football, you can count me ___. I don’t like football. 3. I’ve put ___ 2kg in the last month. 4. The Japanese eat healthily, so they live ___ a long time. 5. Sitting too close ___ the TV hurts your eyes. 6. Be careful ___ what you eat and drink. 7. She runs six miles every day to help keep herself ___ shape. 8. Watching TV too much isn’t good ___ your eyes. C. SPEAKING I. Complete the conversation, using the phrases or sentences in the box. UNIT 2: HEALTH 19what are the best foods to lớn eat? can I drink it sometimes? it"s bad for your teeth và health. What should I avoid? how to lớn stay healthy? what else is important? Tom: Can you give me some suggestions on (1) ___ Doctor: Well, first of all, you need to make sure that you eat the right foods. Tom: (2)___ Doctor: You should eat fresh fruits, vegetables, và whole grains. Tom: (3)___ Doctor: You need khổng lồ avoid highly fatty và greasy foods. Tom: (4)___ Doctor: You need to get plenty of exercise every day. Tom: How about soda? (5)___ Doctor: It’s okay lớn drink soda once in a while, but never overdo it. (6) ___ II. Match the health problems with the correct advice. 1. I have spots on my face. A.You should go khổng lồ your dentist. 2. I get sunburnt. B. Eat less junk food và do more exercise. 3. I’ve got flu. C. You shouldn’t drink cold drinks. 4. I’m putting on weight. D. Apply an aloe vera lotion and drink lots of water. 5. I have a toothache. My tooth hurts. E. Spend less time in front of screens. 6. I have a sore throat. F. Stay at trang chủ and have a rest 7. My eyes are sore & tired. G. Wash your face regularly. III. Put the dialogue into the correct order. ___ My father gave me some painkillers. _1_ Hi. What’s the matter with you? ___ A horrible headache? Has anything hit you in the head lately? ___ If you are still hurts, you should see the doctor. ___ Oh! Did you take any medicines? ___ I had a horrible headache last week. ___ My head hit a door few days ago. D. READING I. Fill in each blank with a word from the box. Put home-cooked vitamins weight growing unhealthy like diet Good nutrition is especially important for (1) ___ teenagers. Unfortunately many teenagers have an unbalanced (2) ___. They buy (3) ___ takeaway food every day or even a few times a day. If you eat fast food regularly, you are more likely khổng lồ (4) ___ on weight than if you eat fast food only occasionally. About nine in ten teenagers eat junk food every day. This might be fizzy drinks và snacks (5) ___ potato chips. 20 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPCompared to (6) ___ food, junk food is almost always: higher in fat, particularly saturated fat; higher in salt; higher in sugar; lower in fibre; lower in nutrients, such as (7) ___ & minerals. Junk food is poor fuel for your body. A poor diet can cause (8) ___ gain, high blood pressure, fatigue and concentration problems. II. Read the text, then decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). These are some easy habits that help you stay healthy & live longer. Go for a jog Exercise is key to lớn good health. Aerobic activity, like running, is crucial for getting your blood pumping và your heart working. A recent study showed that people who run have 25 khổng lồ 40 per cent reduced risk of early death, và live about three years longer. Get more sun - but not too much The “sunshine vitamin” – vi-ta-min D, that is – has been shown lớn fight lớn disease, improve bone health, và prevent depression. Concerns over skin cancer are well-founded, and sunblock is generally a good idea. But getting 15 lớn 30 minutes of sun exposure a day should be adequate for vi-ta-min D production. Găng tay less The impact of găng on our overall health is huge, so reducing ức chế is one way khổng lồ lower our risk of many deadly diseases. Eat more fruits & veggies If you want khổng lồ live longer, eat more fruits and vegetables. The vitamins, minerals, and most importantly, the fibre help control satiety so you vày not need to lớn eat much of the animal foods. High fibre diets promote lower cholesterol levels, & reduce the risk of heart disease and cancers such as colon cancer. 1. One of the most important things you can vày to stay healthy is lớn exercise. 2. Vi-ta-min D comes from the sun. 3. Getting too much sun can be harmful. 4. ức chế doesn’t impact on your health. 5. Fruits & vegetables contain vitamins, minerals & fibre. 6. A high fibre diet can cause heart disease & colon cancer. E. WRITING I. Arrange the words to make sentences. 1. Cold/ I/ sore throat/ love/ a/ drinks/ but/ have/ I. ___ 2. Jim/ overweight/ so/ eats/ is/ fast food/ too much/ he. ___ 3. Too much/ bad/ television/ watching/ for/ health/ your/ is? ___ 4. The flu/ should/ you/ a cold/ if/ have/ or/ you/ home/ stay. ___ 5. Alex/ usually/ fishing/ so/ loves/ goes/ in/ near/ he/ his house/ fishing/ the lake. UNIT 2: HEALTH 21___ 6. You/ some/ clean/ yourself/ avoid/ diseases/ by/ can/ keeping. ___ II. Write the second sentence so that it has the same meaning lớn the first one. 1. Sue started to lớn eat a low carb diet two years ago. → Sue has ___ 2. Could you take me khổng lồ the airport Friday morning? → Would you mind ___ 3. How about going to lớn the movies tonight? → Let’s ___ 4. July stayed home from school yesterday because she had a high fever. → July had a high fever, ___ 5. She eats fruits & veggies every day, but she keeps gaining weight. → Although ___ 6. Mark’s gained 5 kilos since he quit smoking. → Mark’s put___ 7. Joana doesn’t eat much in order not khổng lồ be overweight. → Joana doesn’t eat much because ___ 8. It’s a good idea to vày exercise regularly. → You ___ kiểm tra FOR UNIT 2 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. Myth b. Cycling c. Itchy d. Allergy 2. A. Headache b. Spread c. Health d. Weak 3. A. Fat b. Leaf c. Of d. Safe 4. A. Flu b. Sunburn c. Junk d. Much 5. A. Wash b. Wear c. Wake d. Wrap II. Choose the odd one out. 1. A. Running b. Coughing c. Cycling d. Swimming 2. A. Vegetables b. Fish c. Fried chicken d. Fruits 3. A. Cold b. Cough c. Stuffy nose d. Sunburn 4. A. Soda b. Milk c. Fruit Juice d. Water 5. A. Fever b. Health c. Obesity d. Headache III. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d khổng lồ complete the sentence. 1. Please wake me ___ at 5 & we will leave at 6 in the morning. A. Up b. On c. Over d. In 22 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP2. If you want to lớn ___ weight, you should follow a low-fat diet. A. Thảm bại b. Gain c. Put on d. Take 3. Junk foods are high in fat, sodium và sugar, which can lead to lớn ___. A. Fever b. Allergy c. Obesity d. Stomachache 4. He looks so ___. He can’t keep his eyes open! a. Happy b. Tired c. Healthy d. Fit 5. If you want lớn stay healthy, eat ___ vegetables, whole grains, fruit and fish. A. Much b. Fewer c. More d. Less 6. Fruit tastes good ___ it’s healthy for your body. A. So b.but c. Or d. Và 7. You are ___ you eat, so don’t eat unhealthy foods. A. What b.who c. Which d. That 8. She looks very tired. She should work ___ or she will get sick. A. Well b. Less c. More d. Enough 9. She stays in ___ by exercising daily & eating well. A. Health b. Fit b. Kích cỡ d. Shape 10. Don’t sit too close lớn the screen, ___. A. Và you’ll hurt your eyes b. So you can see more clearly c. Or you’ll get a headache d. But it’s bad for your health IV. Write the correct size or tense of the verbs in brackets. 1. ___ (you/ eat) fried chicken last night? 2. He ___ (put) on a lot of weight recently. 3. I often ___ (drink) coca cola when I was a child. 4. Joana ___ (wash) her face regularly lớn prevent spots. 5. I think he ___ (not pass) the exam. He hasn’t studied at all. 6. She ___ (have) a sore throat, and she ___ (cough) terribly now. 7. You should try ___ (exercise) a couple times a week. 8. He keeps ___ (sneeze), so I think he’s got a cold. 9. What ___ (you/ do) tomorrow evening? 10. My mother doesn’t lượt thích ___(eat) fast food. V. Supply the correct size of the words in brackets. 1. The Japanese eat ___, so they have high life expectancy. (health) 2. Drinking unclean water can cause ___. (sick) 3. My uncle is a ___. He doesn’t eat meat or fish. (vegetable) 4. ___ can increase the risk of heart disease & diabetes. (obese) 5. I’m ___ lớn shellfish, so I can’t eat lobster và shrimp. (allergy) 6. I got ___ during my beach vacation. (sunburn) 7. Lack of vitamin E can cause skin diseases and ___. (tired) UNIT 2: HEALTH 238. The symptoms of the disease include fever & ___. (head) VI. Match the questions lớn the answers. 1. How many calories should I eat in a day? a.A little better, but still feel tired. 2. Shall we go & play basketball? b.Wash your face daily and use gentle skin care products. 3. What activity uses a lot of calories? c. Eat less junk food and do more exercise 4. What should I do to prevent spots? d.Count me out. 1 prefer lớn stay home. 5. How vì you feel now? e.We’ll feel tired & weak. 6. What happens when we don’t have enough f. Between 1,600 và 2,500. Calories? 7. Why should people drink green tea? g.I think it’s running. 8. What should I vì to lose weight? h.Because it can help prevent cancer. VII.There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline and correct the mistake. 1. Sitting close to the laptop’s screen hurt your eyes. 2. You can avoid many diseases by eat healthy food. 3. You look so bad! How’s wrong with you? 4. Eating lots of fast food can make you fat or obesity. 5. Eating more fruit & vegetables lớn get vitamins, minerals, fiber. 6. Good nutrition is a important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. 7. Watch more television; if not, your eyes will be tired. 8. I’ve drunk three glasses of beer, but I’ve got a headache. VIII. Choose the word which best fits each gap. Breakfast is the (1) ___ important meal of the day. It provides the nutrients your body toàn thân needs for good health, the calories it needs for (2) ___ & helps to lớn maintain your blood sugar level. Studies have shown that people who don’t have breakfast have a low blood sugar level & are often slow, tired, hungry và (3) ___ khổng lồ concentrate. Surprisingly, breakfast actually plays a part in weight control. It"s easier lớn (4) ___ weight if you eat in the morning rather than later in the day. Dividing the day’s calories (5) ___ three meals helps take off weight more efficiently than (6) ___ breakfast & having two larger meals a day does. 1. A. Healthy b. Tasty c. Main d. Most 2. A. Strenght b. Nguồn c. Energy d. Effort 3. A. Able b. Enable c. Unable d. Capable 4. A. Thua b. Put c. Gain d. Drop 5. A. In b. Into c. Up d. For 6. A. Skipping b. Making c. Buying d. Serving IX. Read the text carefully then choose the correct answers. The island of Okinawa in japan has some of the oldest people in the world. It’s famous for its high number of centenarians – men and women who live beyond 100 years of age. There have 24 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPbeen many scientific studies of their lifestyle và you can even buy cookery books based on their diets. Some of the reasons for their good health are that they go fishing và eat what they catch. regularly bởi vì gardening and grow their own fruit and vegetables. go cycling & never drive when they can walk. often spend time with friends. They meet at people’s houses & play games. rarely buy food from a supermarket. do regular exercise, go swimming & lead active lives. 1. According to lớn the passage, Okinawa is well known for . A. Its beauty b. Its centenarians c. Its subtropical climate d. Its cuisine 2. The people of Okinawa ___. A. Cook very well b. Eat a lot of meat c. Have an unhealthy diet d. Have the longest lifespan 3. Which of the followings is NOT true about the Okinawans? a. They eat what they fish and grow. B. They often buy food at the supermarket. C. They bởi vì exercise regularly. D. They enjoy socializing with friends. 4. A centenarian is a person who ___. A. Is 100 years old b. Is almost 100 years old c. Is 100 years old or more d. Is 100 years old or less 5. The Okinawans live a long life because ___. A. They have healthy diets & living habits. B. They walk as much as they can. C. They love gardening and going fishing. D. They only eat fruit & vegetables. X. Write sentences, using the words given. 1. Phong/ eat/ lots of/ junk food/ so/ he/ putting/ weight. ___ 2. I/ exercise/ daily/ because/ I/ want/ stay/ healthy. ___ 3. Sitting/ too/ close/ the TV/ hurt/ your eyes. ___ 4. She/ often/ take/ paracetamol/ if/ she/ get / bad/ headache. ___ 5. How many calories/ you/ bum/ do/ aerobics/ 2 hours? ___ 6. Getting/ enough/ sleep/ help/ students/ do/ their best/ the classroom. ___ UNIT 2: HEALTH 25UNIT 3 COMMUNITY SERVICE A. PHONETICS I. Look at the pictures & complete the words. Then put them in the correct column. 1.__lass 2.__lass 3.__arden 4.__up 5. __id 6. __raffiti 7. __lothes 8.blan__et 9. __old 10. __lobe 11. __ommunity 12. __ame 13. __ake 14. __ift 15. __ite 16. __rapes /g/ /k/ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ II. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently. 1. A. Collect b. Cough c. Think d. Certain 2. A. Girl b. Trò chơi c. Thể hình d. Give 3. A. Colour b. Face c. Thành phố d. Recycle 4. A. Global b. Geography c. Green d. Big 5. A. Charitable b. Character c. Headache d. School 26 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPB. VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR I. Complete the sentences with the words or phrases from the box. Street children volunteers homeless people elderly people sick children disabled people donnors 1. Sally often spends her miễn phí time helping ___ at the hospital. 2. They provide housing và other services to lớn ___. 3. Street Child works to help ___ off the streets and into school. 4. Most blood ___ are unpaid volunteers who donate blood for a community supply. 5. Schools need ___ to lớn help children to lớn read. 6. They help ___ with housework và gardening. 7. The local authority built a new trang chủ for severely ___. II. Match the pictures with the volunteer activities. Pick up trash in the surroundings. Take care of cats & dogs at an animal shelter. Donate blood. Help the elderly at the nursing home. Build houses for homeless people. Donate old clothes. 1. ___ 2. ___ 3. ___ 4. ___ UNIT 3: COMMUNITY SERVICE 275. ___ 6. ___ III. Complete the sentences with the correct verbs in the box. Plant volunteer clean up donate tutor recycle provide organise 1. ___ your used books to your local library or charities. 2. ___ a fundraising sự kiện to raise money for charity. 3. ___ polluted rivers & lakes. 4. ___ trees or flowers in your backyard or community garden. 5. ___ at a nursing home, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter. 6. ___ plastic & paper for a clean environment. 7. ___ nutritious meals to the poor and needy people. 8. ___ homeless children who are unable lớn attend school. IV. Underline the correct answers. 1. I saw/ have seen that film already. 2. We went/ have gone lớn the movies three times last month. 3. Did you ever do/ Have you ever done volunteer work? 4. I had/ have had five tests so far this semester. 5. Linus did/ has done his homework before he went lớn sleep. 6. This is my grandparents’ house. They lived/ have lived here for more than 50 years. 7. She bought/ has bought a new mobile phone two days ago. 8. Did you see/ Have you seen Peter at the buổi tiệc ngọt last night? 9. I read/ have read this book twice và I still find it very interesting. 10. They didn’t play/ haven’t played very well yesterday. They lost the match. V. Put the verbs into the correct tense, past simple or present perfect. 1. ___ (you/ ever/ be) to lớn the United States ? - No, but I ___ (be) to England và France. 2. When we were in Canada, we ___ (go) skiing almost every day. 3. When ___ (you/ meet) your wife? - 3 years ago. 4. Peter ___ (not phone) yet. I’m still waiting. 5. I ___ (know) Helen since we were at school together. 6. My uncle ___ (live) in Berlin in 1999. 7. We ___ (not see) Beth at Mike’s house yesterday morning. 28 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP8. Vì you lượt thích this picture? My uncle ___ (paint) it. 9. Mr. Dass ___ (leave) for thủ đô new york late last night. 10. Mr and Mrs Grey ___ (teach) French here for over five years. VI. Choose the correct answer a, b, c, or d. 1. We ___ very busy last week. A. Was b. Am c. Were d. Will be 2. I ___ her recently. The last time we met was at a party. A. Have seen b. Haven’t seen c. Didn’t see d. Saw 3. In 2012, they ___ their project for street children. A. Start b. Are starting c. Started d. Have started 4. We ___ very early this morning. A. Will leave b. Leave c. Have left d. Left 5. She ___ because she’s late for her class. A. Runs b. Ran c. Is running d. Has ran 6. I ___ that book already. It’s really fantastic. A. Read b. Have read c. Am reading d. Will read 7. He ___ you as soon as he’s on the bus. A. Will gọi b. Calls c. Called d. Is calling 8. Sometimes I ___ up the streets of my neighborhood for volunteer service. A. Clean b. Am cleaning c. Have cleaned d. Will clean 9. I live in New York, but I ___ the Statue of Liberty. A. Never visit b. Have never visited c. Never visited d. Will never visit 10. I ___ my favourite tuy vậy when I turned on the radio yesterday. A. Hear b. Heard c. Am hearing d. Will hear VII.Join each pair of sentences using because, as or since. 1. He stopped the car. The traffic lights turned red. (because) ___ 2. Jane didn’t join our programme. She had khổng lồ take a summer course. (as) ___ 3. He behaved very rudely. Everyone dislike him. (since) ___ 4. They lượt thích doing something useful. They bởi volunteer work. (because) ___ 5. I won’t be able to attend the meeting. I’ll be on holiday with my family. (since) ___ 6. It was raining heavily. We decided to lớn stay trang chủ and watch TV. (as) ___ 7. He wants to get fit. He’s training hard. (because) UNIT 3: COMMUNITY SERVICE 29___ 8. Sally was ill. She didn’t go lớn school yesterday. (since) ___ VIII. Answer each question using ‘because’ & the words in brackets. 0. Why was Judy absent from school? (be sick) She was absent from school because she was sick. 1. Why did Sam go khổng lồ the dentist’s? (have a toothache) He ___ 2. Why didn’t you take part in volunteer programs? (not have enough time) I ___ 3. Why doesn’t Mike want to go and see the film? (see it already) He ___ 4. Why is Sharon popular in school? (be honest và polite) She ___ 5. Why did the teacher scold Alex? (not complete his homework) She ___ 6. Why did you go home late last night? (miss the last bus) I ___ IX. Complete the sentences with and, but, so, or, because. 1. Olivia was very happy ___ she passed her examination. 2. He didn’t study ___ he failed the history exam. 3. My mother usually gets trang chủ at 5 o’clock ___then she cooks dinner. 4. I was late for class tills morning ___ the bus was late. 5. We went to Jane’s house ___ she was out. 6. We can go lớn the pool ___ we can go horse-riding, whichever you prefer. 7. She is studying very hard ___ she wants to be a doctor. 8. Carol studied hard for the maths kiểm tra ___ she couldn’t get a good mark. 9. The floor was wet and slippery ___ Mason almost fell. 10. Mike ate healthy food ___ did regular exercises lớn keep fit. X. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. 1. Tom Holden worked ___ a volunteer at a charity in 2010. 2. They provided housing and other supports ___ homeless people. 3. Some volunteers enjoy helping elderly people living ___ nursing homes. 4. She donated thousands of pounds ___ children’s charities. 5. The benefits ___ volunteering are enormous to lớn you, and your community. 6. You can volunteer to help cook & serve a meal ___ a homeless shelter. 7. UNICEF has launched a chiến dịch to help children ___ need. 8. They provided street children ___ food & books. 30 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPC. SPEAKING I. Complete the dialogues with the sentences in the box. Because they lượt thích doing something useful and helping others. Yes. It makes a better life & improves the society. Because volunteering teaches me a lot. Yes, I"ve been a volunteer teacher for Street Child Organization. It helps you stay healthy, increases self-confidence, and makes you happy. We can donate money or clothes via charitable organisations. 1. A: vì you think the community service makes a difference? B: ___ 2. A: What can we vì to help homeless people? B: ___ 3. A: What are the benefits of volunteering? B: ___ 4. A: Have you ever done any volunteer work? B: ___ 5. A: Why would you enjoy volunteering? B: ___ 6. A: Why vị you think people volunteer? B: ___ II. Put the dialogue into the correct order. ___ Have you ever participated in community service? ___ Great! What else have you planned to do? ___ Certainly. Community service is the work which benefits the others và your community. ___ Of course you can. ___ Yes. I’m a volunteer for a charity organization. _1_ Could you tell me what community service is, Joana? ___ What have you done so far? ___ Well, we have planned lớn recruit more volunteers và set up a new campaign for recycling. ___ That sounds really interesting! Can I take part? ___ We have cleaned streets, planted trees and encouraged people to donate food, clothes và money lớn help the poor & needy people. D. READING I. Fill In each blank with a word from the box. Service money back but clothing while volunteer together UNIT 3: COMMUNITY SERVICE 31Many people (1) ___ in their communities. Some people work with children or the elderly (2) ___ others clean thành phố parks. Some student clubs require their members khổng lồ participate in a certain number of hours of community (3) ___ every month. One way that communities work (4) ___ is by raising funds for those in need. A community might raise (5) ___ for a school lớn buy new equipment or uniforms by selling baked goods or holding a yard sale. Many communities provide places for people in need to receive food, (6)___, or shelter. Volunteering can help people feel lượt thích they are giving something (7) ___ lớn their communities. Sometimes a person may need help at one time (8) ___ be able lớn help others later. II. Read the text carefully then answer the questions. Community service is work done by a person or group of people that benefits others. It is often done near the area where you live, so your own community gets the benefits of your work. You vì chưng not get paid lớn perform community service, but get to learn a lot. Community service can help many different groups of people, even animals and the environment. Community service is often organized through a local group, such as a place of worship, school, or non-profit organization, or you can start your own community service projects. Community service can even involve raising funds by donating used goods or selling used goods lượt thích clothing. Many people participate in community service because they enjoy helping others and improving their community. 1. What is community service? ___ 2. Where is community service often done? ___ 3. Is community service a paying job? ___ 4. What groups of people can community service help? ___ 5. Is donation of used goods a community service example? ___ 6. Why vì many people take part in community service? ___ E. WRITING I. Arrange the words to lớn make sentences. 1. Way/ others/ community/ a/ help/ service/ is/ great/ to/. ___ 2. They/community/people/ because/ volunteer/ want/ improve/ to/ their/. ___ 3. Encouraged/ books/ people/ street children/ we/ to/ donate/ & clothes/ khổng lồ ___ 4. What/ to/ help/ we/ can/ do/ the environment/ clean/? ___ 32 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP5. Work/ done/ you/ ever/ have/ volunteer/ any? ___ 6. Không tính phí time/ Joe/ doing/ work/ spent/ most/ at/ his/ local hospital/ a/ of/ volunteer. ___ II. Write the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one. Use the word in brackets. 1. I’m leaving now because I don’t want khổng lồ miss the train. (so) → I’m___ 2. The last time I saw my uncle was two years ago. (for) → I haven’t ___ 3. Let me reach my office and then I will talk lớn him. (when) → I ___ 4. Why don’t we donate our old books, toys and clothes lớn charity? (suggests) → Mom ___ 5. Jane stayed behind after the class in order lớn talk to lớn the teacher. (because) → Jane ___ 6. This is the first time they’ve been to lớn Korea. (before) → They’ve ___ 7. How long have you been a thành viên of Volunteers In Asia? (join) → When___ 8. We suggested people recycle glass, cans & paper. (encouraged) → We___ test FOR UNIT 3 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. Centre b. Kid c. Encourage d. Colour 2. A. Chemistry b. School c. Mechanic d. Charity 3. A. Tutor b. Volunteer c. Student d. Community 4. A. Graffiti b. Garage c. General d. Globe 5. A. Provide b. Donate c. Program d. Clothes II. Choose the odd one out. 1. A. Donate b. Program c. Service d. Member 2. A. Sick children b. Volunteer c. Homeless people d. Disabled people 3. A. Donating clothes b. Cleaning streets c. Providing food d. Playing games 4. A. Homeless b. Sick c. Street d. Disabled 5. A. Volunteer b. Graffiti c. Donor d. Contributor UNIT 3: COMMUNITY SERVICE 33III. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d khổng lồ complete the sentence. 1. We are very excited ___ our 2018 Volunteer Program. A. About b. For c. In d. With 2. Toys of Hope provide toys, books & clothing ___ needy & homeless children. A. From b. To c. With d. Against 3. Many people donate khổng lồ the Red Cross, a ___ organization that sida people miễn phí of charge. A. Profit-making b. For-profit c. Non-profit d. Profitable 4. The river is heavily polluted. They should ___. A. Clean it up b. Give it away c. Pick out d. Recycle it 5. ___ people usually live on the streets, under bridges, or in camps. A. Sick b. Homeless c. Elderly d. Disabled 6. I’ve ___ seen this film. Let’s watch something else. A. Never b. Ever c. Already d. Yet 7. We help families in ___ by providing food, clothing, housing & much more. A. Control b. Case c. Need d. Shape 8. Most people volunteer ___ they want to make a difference in their community. A. Because b. So c. So that d. In order khổng lồ 9. We can help to lớn reduce ___ by using public transportation, biking và walking. A. Air pollution b. Water pollution c. Social problems d. Community service 10. ___ do you lượt thích this charity work? – I really like it. A. What b. Why c. When d. How IV. Write the correct size or tense of the verbs in brackets. 1. Jasmine ___ (fail) her driver’s test three times! 2. They ___ (establish) the Viet phái mạnh Red Cross Society in 19‘16. 3. How long ___ (they/ live) here?~They___ (move) here two years ago. 4. So far, we ___ (finish) half of our work. 5. I’m really busy now. I ___ (study) for the final exam. 6. When ___(you/ buy) these shirts? ~ I ___ (buy) them yesterday. 7. ___ (you/ ever/ be) lớn Japan? ~ No, I ___ (not be) to nhật bản yet. 8. Claire ___ (volunteer) at the homeless shelter once a week. 9. We volunteer ___ (help) the elderly in a nursing home. 10. Jane suggested ___ (donate) old books, and toys khổng lồ needy children. V. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets. 1. Community ___ have a lot of positive effects on students. (serve) 2. ___ people find it difficult to have a job. (disable) 3. I’d like to work as a volunteer for a charity ___. (organise) 4. He made a £5000 ___ to lớn charity. (donate) 5. The Soup Kitchen is a ___ organization that provides miễn phí meals for needy people. (profit) 34 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP6. The homeless shelters are entirely staffed by ___ worker. (volunteer) 7. The organization is funded by ___ donations. (charity) 8. We help the ___ with housework & gardening. (old) VI. There is one mistake in each sentence. Underline & correct the mistake. 1. She has went to visit Susan. She’ll be back tomorrow. 2. I didn’t done any volunteer work lately. 3. Matha is a great cooker & she often cooks dinner for homeless people. 4. Kim hasn’t seen the film already, so don’t tell her how it ends. 5. She has donated a lot of money for local charities. 6. Before donate a book, make sure that it is in good condition. 7. We should encourage people recycle glass, cans, plastic và paper. 8. Did you lived in Vancouver when you were young? VII.Match the questions with the answers. 1. What is community service? a. Because it will help make a difference to lớn millions of children’s lives. 2. Have you ever done any volunteer work? b. We can provide them with food, clothes and other necessities. C. I’d love to. But I don’t have much free 3. What can we vày to help people in a flooded time. Area? d. It’s voluntary work that someone does to 4. Why should we donate khổng lồ UNICEF? help their community. E. I’ve learned a lot of new skills. 5. How vì you think we can help sick children? f. Because they want to help other people. 6. Would you lượt thích to work as a volunteer? g. We can bring fun and enjoyment khổng lồ 7. What have you learned from volunteering? them. 8. Why bởi people enjoy doing volunteer work? h. No, I have never done it. VIII.Choose the word which best fits each gap. Doing some form of voluntary work has (1) ___ been more popular with British people. Over đôi mươi million people were engaged (2) ___ voluntary activities in 2013. Volunteering means giving up time to vị work of (3) ___ lớn the community. It can be based in the UK or overseas. Volunteering can take many forms, from working with children with (4)___ difficulties, in an animal hospital, or planting trees. (5) ___ London won its bid khổng lồ host the 2012 Olympics, up khổng lồ 70,000 (6) ___ were needed khổng lồ help ensure the games were a success. 1. A. Ever b. Any c. Never d. Before 2. A. With b. In c. To lớn d. For 3. A. Comfort b. Benefit c. Contribute d. Profit 4. A. Learn b. Learned c. Learning d. Learnt 5. A. When b. While c. Where d. What 6. A. Donors b. Visitors c. Foreigners d. Volunteers UNIT 3: COMMUNITY SERVICE 35IX. Read the text carefully, then decide whether the following statements are true (T) orfalse (F). The Soup Kitchen, founded in 1986, is a resource for the homeless, elderly, lonely and poor inCentral London, providing không tính tiền hot meals, clothes and toiletries, and creating a sense of belonging & community. Serving around 70 people a day from 10 am -12 noon on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday, with the Clothes Closet xuất hiện on alternate Mondays, four to lớn five volunteers are required each morning lớn carry out this vital work. The Soup Kitchen is run by a Board of Trustees, a part-time Director and Kitchen Manager, three more staff and a team of volunteers. Tư vấn for The Soup Kitchen comes from individuals, corporations and trusts. Volunteers và donations (both financial & in-kind) are vital to support our work & enable us khổng lồ continue this service to lớn the community. 1. The Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization. 2. It provides không lấy phí meals for people in need. 3. It opens five days a week from 10am to 12pm. 4. Clothing is provided every Monday morning. 5. The organization is funded by donations from individuals, corporations & trusts. 6. People can only donate money to the Soup Kitchen. X. Make sentences using the cues given. 1. Last year/ we/ start/ community garden/ project. → ___ 2. So far/ we/ ask/ people/ donate/ books & clothes/ the poor children. → ___ 3. Because/ the lake/ be/ full/ rubbish/ they/ decide/ clean it up/ last Sunday. → ___ 4. Green Summer/organize/ first time/ in 1997. → ___ 5. Go Green/non-profit/organisation/that/protect/environment. → ___ 6. When/ you/ start/ work/ this charitable organization? → ___ 36 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬPTEST YOURSELF 1 I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. Laugh b. Cough c. Bought d. Tough 2. A. Trò chơi b. Thể hình c. Girl d. Bag 3. A. Calorie b. Labour c. Community d. Volunteer 4. A. Environmental b. Benefit c. Service d. Sick 5. A. Danced b. Helped c. Watched d. Enjoyed II. Choose the odd one out. 1. A. Flu b. Cough c. Headache d. Hobby 2. A. Gymnastics b. Stamps c. Books d. Dolls 3. A. Elderly people b. Donors c. Disabled people d. Sick children 4. A. Fresh fish b. Fruit c. Junk food d. Vegetables 5. A. Service b. Non-profit c. Charitable d. Homeless III. Fill in each blank with a suitable word. 1. My friend loves ___ dolls. She has a large doll collection. 2. Two people wereseverely physically ___ in the crash. 3. My father carves eggshells as a ___. 4. He keeps sneezing & coughing. I think he has a ___. 5. Walking is one of the best ways lớn stay in ___. 6. The government should provide housing for ___ people. IV. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d lớn complete the sentence. 1. Have you ever taken part ___ volunteer work? a.for b. Lớn c. In d.with 2. We have raised money for people in need ___ 2015. A. In b.at c.since d. For 3. She’s got a high ___ – almost 40°. A. Flu b.headache c.sore throat d. Temperature 4. Jane is ___ weight because she eats too much junk food. A. Getting over b. Putting on c.taking up d. Throwing away 5. The charity ___ facilities for disabled people khổng lồ take part in sport. A. Provides b.donates c.raises d. Collects 6. I can’t fasten my jeans – I’ll have to ___. A. Eat more junk food b. Go out regularly c. See my doctor d. Go on a diet 7. My favourite hobby is ___. I spend most of my không tính tiền time making vases và bowls from clay. A. Woodcarving b. Pottery making c. Mã sản phẩm making d. Birdwatching thử nghiệm YOURSELF 1 378. I’ve already done my homework, ___ I am going khổng lồ watch TV. A. So b.because c.but d. Và 9. They could not afford to lớn buy the house because it was ___. A. Too pretty b.too tight c.too expensive d. Too cheap 10. ___ bởi you vì volunteer work? - Every weekend. A. How long b.How far c.How much d. How often V. Write the correct tense or size of the verbs in brackets. 1. I ___ (already/ read) that book. It’s fantastic. 2. We ___ (not do) any volunteer work five years ago. 3. James ___ (do) lots of volunteer work when he was in high school. 4. I think people ___ (eat) more healthy food in the future. 5. People ___ (need) about 2,000 calories a day khổng lồ stay in shape. 6. ___ (Alex/ ever/ be) to Seattle? ~ Yes, he ___ (be) khổng lồ Seattle once. 7. Right now, Margaret ___ (have) a shower. Vì chưng you want to ring later? 8. Be a Buddy ___ (establish) in 2011. 9. We encouraged people ___ (recycle) bottles, cans and paper. 10. My mother enjoys ___(do) charitable work. VI. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets. 1. Mike’s hobby is listening lớn music. He gets a lot ___ from listening khổng lồ music. (enjoy) 2. John is a stamp ___. He has a lot of rare và valuable stamps. (collect) 3. One third of children in the U. S. Is ___ or obese. (weigh) 4. I have ___ so I must go lớn a dentist. (tooth) 5. Junk food is ___, so we shouldn’t eat too much junk food. (health) 6. Blood ___ give blood for use in hospitals. (donate) 7. They aren’t forced to bởi vì charity work. They vì chưng it ___. (volunteer) 8. They opened a shelter lớn provide housing for the ___. (home) VII.Each sentence has a mistake. Find và correct it. 1. My brother loves play chess when he has không lấy phí time. 2. I find woodcarving interest because it’s creative. 3. Many people wait for the dentist at the moment. 4. They have donated blood three months ago. 5. Did you finished your homework yet? 6. I’d like to go, and I have khổng lồ study for my chạy thử tonight. 7. Eat more fast food, or you’ll put on weight. 8. Vì you think staying at trang chủ all day is bored? VIII. Make questions for the underlined parts. 1. A:___ B: My favourite hobby is taking photos. 38 BÀI TẬP TIẾNG ANH 7 - PHẦN BÀI TẬP2. A:___ B: He spends most of his không tính tiền time carving eggshells. 3. A:___ B: I often chia sẻ my hobby with my best friend. 4. A:___ B: She went to the doctor because she had a high fever. 5. A:___ B: People need about 2000 calories a day khổng lồ stay in shape. 6. A:___ B: I started working as a volunteer in 2015. 7. A:___ B: So far, we have provided food and clothes lớn people in need. 8. A:___ B: My mother has done charitable work for five years. IX.

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Fill in each blank with a word from the box. Feed disabled helping care parents donating how charitable It’s not un