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Have you ever wanted lớn show students just part of a YouTube Clip but had difficulty finding the start of the clip? Or maybe you have linked lớn a YouTube Clip in your Blackboard module and had lớn explain lớn students lớn just start watching from a certain point and lớn stop watching x minutes later? There is a simple way lớn make this easier on both staff and students. It is done by amending the links (also known as a URL) that you give lớn students.

Instead of giving students a YouTube URL lượt thích the one below, which will play the Clip from the start lớn end:

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This URL has been copied from the address bar in the browser.

You should copy the URL YouTube makes available inside the embed code for the Clip and add a question mark followed by a start and stop time, lượt thích so: 

This URL has been copied from the embed code and amended.
The Clip will start playing at 76 seconds and stop at 120 seconds.

It is also worth noting that the Clip automatically fills the browser window when using this method. Which means your students are less likely lớn be distracted by other YouTube nội dung.

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Finding the links in the embed code

To find the links in the embed code take the following steps:

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  1. In YouTube find the Clip you want and click the Share button on the right below the Clip.
    the share button below a YouTube video
  2. Click the Embed button.
    the Embed button in YouTube
  3. Copy the URL you see inside the embed code shown, making sure lớn copy everything between the speech marks but not copying the speech marks themselves.
    URL highlighted in the YouTube embed code

Amending the URL

To the over of the links add a question mark and your chosen start and stop times in seconds, as seen below. Enter the start and stop times in whole seconds (e.g. one minute and two seconds = 62 seconds) and make sure not lớn include any additional characters or spaces or it will not work.


When the above is added lớn the over of the YouTube URL the Clip will start at 1:07 and stop at 1:20.

Once you have amended the URL send it lớn your students in the usual way.

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