Bài tập điền từ vào đoạn văn giờ Anh lớp 9 - Đề 1:

There’s much more water than land on the (1) ___ of the earth. The seas and oceans cover nearly (2) ___ of the whole world, and only one-fifth of (3) ___ land. If you traveled over the earth in different directions, you would have khổng lồ spend (4) ___ more of your time (5) ___ on water that on roads or railways. We sometimes forget that for every mile of land (6) ___ four miles of water.

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There’s so much water in the surface of our earth that we (7) ___ khổng lồ use two words lớn describe. We use the word SEAS (8) ___ those parts of water surface which (9) ___ only few hundreds of mile, the word OCEANS khổng lồ describe the huge area of water (10) ___ are thousands of miles wide và very deep.

Câu 1. A. Cover B. Surface C. Outer D. Outside

Câu 2. A. Four-fives B. Four-fifth C. Four fifths D. Fourth-fifths

Câu 3. A. It is B. It’s C. Its D. Them are

Câu 4. A. Many B. Much C. Few D. Too

Câu 5. A. Lớn move B. Move C. Moved D. Moving

Câu 6. A. There are B. There is C. There has D. Have

Câu 7. A. Must B. Should C. Have D. Would

Câu 8. A. Describing B. Describes C. Describe D. To lớn describe

Câu 9. A. Is B. Are C. Has D. Will be

Câu 10. A. That’s B. Which C. Where D. Whose


Bài tập điền trường đoản cú vào đoạn văn giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 9 - Đề 2:

Claire : (l) Did you have (you/have) a nice trip khổng lồ Vietnam?

Maryam: Yes. Thanks. It was a wonderful trip?

Claire : What sights(2)…… did you see…………… (you/see)?

Maryam: Well, my friend Lan .......took........ (take) me a lot of beautiful sights in Hanoi. We also .......visited........ (visit) some historical places such as Hoan Kiem Lake , Ho chi Minh"s Mausoleum, the History Museum, Van Mieu and so on.

Clarie: ........Did you go....... (you/ go) to lớn a mosque in Hanoi?

Maryam: Yes, I ......came......... (come) lớn pray in the mosque on Hang Luoc Street. And on the weekend, we .......went........ (go) to see a show.

Clarie: What show .....did you go.......... (you/ go) to?

Maryam: Oh, a musicial. I forget the name. I ........didn"t like....... (not like) it.

Clarie: Oh dear. And ......Did Lan enjoy......... (Lan/ enjoy) it?

Maryam: No, not reall. But we ........enjoyed....... (enjoy) the weekend.

Bài tập điền trường đoản cú vào đoạn văn giờ Anh lớp 9 - Đề 3:

Jack London (1876 – 1916) is an American writer whose work combined powerful realism and humanitarian sentiment. He was (16) ........ In San Francisco. After finishing grammar (17) ..........., Jack London worked at various jobs and in 1897 and 1898 he participated (18)........... The Alaska Gold Rush. Upon his return khổng lồ the San Francisco area, he began khổng lồ (19) ............ About his experiences. A collection of his short stories, The Son of the Golf, was (20) ............ In 1900. Jack’s colourful life, during which he wrote more than 50 books và which included enormous popular successes as an (21) .........., ended in his suicide at the (22) ........... Of 40.

Many of his stories including his masterpiece The gọi of the Wild giảm giá with the reversion of a civilized creature khổng lồ the primitive state. Jack London’s style – brutal, vivid & exciting – (23) ........... Him enormously popular outside the United States; His (24) ........ Were translated into many languages. Jack’s important works include People of the Abyss about the poor in London; the Sea Wolf, a novel based on the author’s experiences on a seal hunting ship; John Barleycorn , an autobiographical novel about Jack’s struggle (25)............. Alcoholism.

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Câu 1: 

A. Grown

B. Born 

C. Developed 

D. Lived

Câu 2: 

A. Lessons 

B. Course 

C. Notes 

D. School

Câu 3: 

A. In 

B. To 

C. At 

D. Of

Câu 4: 

A. Speak 

B. Read 

C. Talk 

D. Write

Câu 5: 

A. Printed 

B. Ordered 

C. Sold 

D. Published

Câu 6: 

A. Architect 

B. Author 

C. Actor 

D. Orator

Câu 7: 

A. Moment 

B. Age 

C. Time 

D. Year

Câu 8: 

A. Gave 

B. Let 

C. Made 

D. Did

Câu 9: 

A. Speeches 

B. Sayings 

C. Words 

D. Works

Câu 10: 

A. To 

B. For 

C. Against 

D. Of

Bài tập điền tự vào đoạn văn giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 9 - Đề 4:

Jane’s family decided khổng lồ go to London last week because they want lớn __(1)__ a tour. The sight in London was so __(2)__ that she’s been there a few days but it __(3)__ khổng lồ her only lớn be yesterday. It means __(4)__ she enjoyed the trip so much. She & her father stayed __(5)__ a very big khách sạn __(6)__ two hundred rooms. From there, they can __(7)__ reach Hyde Park, __(8)__ very big park in London. In here, people can buy from a needle __(9)__ an elephant in two best__(10)__ streets, Regent Street và Oxford Street.