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* Read the text & choose the best answer.After only 50 minutes flying from Ho đưa ra Minh City, you will mix foot on the tropical paradise of Vietnam and the world: Phu Quoc Island.The island has a roughly triangular shape with a north-south length of 50km và a west-east width of 25km. A great part of the terrain is filled with beautiful sandy beaches, but there is a mountainous region with 99 peaks, among which the Peak of Chua Mountain is the tallest one at 603 meters. Due khổng lồ PhuQuoc’s location in the Gulf of Thailand, its climate is sub-equatorial with a temperate weather all year round, making trips to Phu Quoc possible any time in the year. However, the best time to lớn travel to this island is during the dry season, from November until March, when the sky is blue & clear and the rains are away.Phu Quoc is most famous for its cuisines and a natural wonderful coastline. The most famous food of Phu Quoc is fish sauce, which has become quite popular all over Vietnam and the world. Besides, another thing worth trying there is the spicy yet interesting đen pepper. However, the factor that will definitely intrigue you to visit Phu Quoc is its untouched coastline featuring several heavenly beaches. They have yet to be explored to lớn their full ability, but this fact might be actually positive as it gives the shores a romantic beauty that you can find in nowhere else in the world.1. According to the passage, what is Phu Quoc Island regarded as?A. Lanterns Paradise

B. Tropical ParadiseC. Pearl of the Orient

D. Thành phố of Eternal Spring 2. According khổng lồ the passage, Phu Quoc Island ………………………….A. Has both beaches và mountains

B. Has the tallest mountain in Vietnam C. Doesn’t have rains all the year round

D. Doesn’t have many tourist attractions3. Tourists can visit Phu Quoc anytime in the year thanks to ………………………….A. Its dry season

B. Its location by the sea C. Its friendly local people

D. Its temperate weather all year round 4. What are Phu Quoc’s specialities?A. Red pepper & fish sauce.

B. Black pepper and dried fish.C. Red pepper và soya sauce.

D. Spicy black pepper and fish sauce.5. Which of the following statements is NOT true?A. The island is roughly triangular in shape.B. Phu Quoc Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand.C.

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Phu Quoc’s dry season is from November khổng lồ March.D. The beaches in Phu Quoc Island have been explored lớn their full potentials.